Government’s CNG for two-wheelers begins its pilot phase today

It’s easier to go green as the Government of India has announced retrofitting CNG kits to two wheelers. Backed by the Gas Authority Limited (GAIL) and Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), the initiative’s pilot phase begins in Delhi today.


According to the flyer, the ARAI-approved kit will enable about 75 per cent less hydrocarbon emission, a 20 per cent reduction in carbon monoxide, in comparison to when run on conventional (petrol) fuel.

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Following are the components comprising the CNG kit: changeover switch, pressure indicator, cylinder valve, filling valve, high pressure tube, cylinder, first stage regulator, low pressure tube, second stage regulator, and air gas mixture to carburettor.

The pilot project will include 50 retrofitted two-wheelers, and this will help gauge the CNG-fitted two-wheeler’s performance. If successful, it looks promising, because with stricter laws coming from the Supreme Court (and NGT), a move like this can help achieve lower levels of pollution.

Also, considering the Odd-Even rule blindly exempts two-wheelers, CNG-run ones that pollute less, will help. If the pilot run goes successful, that is.

Image: GAIL and Gaadiwaadi