Govt bus driver takes bus through flooded roads; Suspended for the act [Video]

Incessant rains in many parts of the country have created a lot of trouble in India. A video of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus became viral after someone posted the video of the bus crossing heavily flooded roads in Kerala. The authorities have suspended the driver.

The incident happened in front of St. Mary’s Church in Poonjar, Kerala on Saturday. The driver of the bus identified as Jaydeep Sebastian drove the bus through the waterlogged roads and was successful in making a few maneuvers as well. However, the bus stopped due to a hydrostatic lock creating a panic among the passengers.

Govt bus driver takes bus through flooded roads; Suspended for the act [Video]

The viral video shows the bus entering the waterlogged road. One can gauge the level of water on the road by looking at a person who jumped in to take a swim in the street. The white coloured KSRTC bus kept on driving on the waterlogged road as the water level kept on rising.

The water level on the street deepens causing the water to rise to the windscreen of the bus. The driver realised that the bus won’t be able to make it through the rest of the road and he starts taking a U-Turn on the road. We believe that is when the bus stopped.

Video footage from inside the bus shows the water gushing inside the bus causing people to panic. Later, the passengers were evacuated from the bus. No casualties or injuries were reported during the incident.

Govt bus driver takes bus through flooded roads; Suspended for the act [Video]

Driver suspended

The driver of the bus Jaydeep Sebastian was suspended by the authorities after the video became viral. Transport Minister Antony Raju directed the managing director of KSRTC to suspend Jaydeep. He cited the cause as driving the vehicle dangerously through flooded roads and disregarding the safety of the passengers.

Jaydeep Sebastian reacted to the suspension by saying that he is happy with the decision as he requested for leaves and KSRTC turned down the request. Jaydeep also criticised the authorities and said that he was trying to save everyone by driving the bus to the premises of the church.

Not the first such incident

Bus drivers venturing into dangerous situations is not new. In the past, there have been many instances where bus drivers went on to take the submerged roads and got stuck too. Earlier this year, a government bus with 40 passengers got stuck while crossing an overflowing stream in Rajasthan. Dramatic rescue operations were carried out to save the passengers of the bus.