Sunroofs to Bullbars: GREAT car features that Indians use stupidly

Modern day premium cars are nothing less than luxury hotel rooms. An increasing number of features are making their way into new age vehicles and these are added to make our lives easier and simpler. Howeveroften, these gizmos are mis-used – here is our list of the most common ones



The sunroofs used to be a feature of luxury cars only a few years ago. Now, many affordable vehicles in India offer sunroofs. While the sunroof looks great and increases the aesthetic value of the vehicle, they are a great way to let the fresh air in.

Keeping the windows open at high speed can cause the air to directly hit your eyes, which may cause problems. The sunroof is designed to recycle the air without much wind disturbance. However, most people use the opening to stand out of the vehicle. This is extremely dangerous, especially for the children. Any sudden brake may throw them out. Also, debris like small stones from other vehicles may hit them and cause injuries. Electric wires also posses a grave threat to such people hanging out the roof.

Hazard lamps

As the name suggests, hazard lamps are to notify other people about the hazard ahead. It is only to be used when braking suddenly on a fast moving highway or your vehicle has broken down. Many people use the hazard light as soon as it starts to rain or in fog. This gives a wrong impression to the vehicles behind can cause accidents. It is of utter importance to use hazard lights only when the vehicle no longer can move and it is in a dangerous position on the road or under severe braking.


There is a reason why modern vehicles have both high beams and low beams. Most people keep their headlamps in high-beam all the time. It extremely discomforting and problematic for the vehicles coming from the opposite side. High beams are to be used on the highways, which have proper separators and are not lit. Inside the city limits, the street lamps provide enough light.

High-beams are also used to indicate the vehicle ahead of you that you are about to make an overtaking manoeuvre or asking for a side. They can be used inside the city limits on a dark stretch if there’s no other vehicle coming from the opposite side. The high beam can cause temporary blindness and can lead to accidents.

Using mirrors on bike as helmet hangers

Rear view mirrors on bikes are an extremely important feature to know about the vehicle behind you. Most people use them to hang the helmets. This creates problems for everyone. The bike rider does not often see behind before taking a turn, which causes accidents. Also, hanging the helmet means the rider can get imbalanced due to heavy weight on the handle.

Hanging things from IRVM

Most Indian car owners hang something religious or decorative ornaments from the rearview mirror. Over time, the mind gets used to a thing on the corner of your vision that is constantly moving. Over time, if there’s another vehicle in your mirror coming at a high speed, your mind will not register it and it may result in a catatrophic accident. The mind gets used to seeing a moving object and it does not alert the driver even if there’s something very dangerous. Always try to put a fixed decoration in the vehicle instead of a moving or hanging one. If

Bull bars

Bull bars are quite dangerous. They interfere with the vehicle’s crumple zones and causes the impact to transfer into vehicle’s body, which causes injuries. People also misuse the bullbars by hustling other on the road. Cars will bullbars may use it to cut the traffic abnormally and people stay away from such vehicle due to the fear of bullbar damaging their vehicles. Now that aftermarket bullbars have been banned, we may see an improvement in the future.

Fog lamps

The fog lamps are safety devices that can light up the way during heavy rain or thick fog. If they are used on regular, clear days, they can dazzle the motorists on the opposite side. Fog lamps should be used as per instructions that are given in the vehicle’s manual. Many foreign countries impose fines on improper use of foglamps. In India, cops are yet to start any such drive but people should be aware of the problems that they cause due to the misuse of certain features.

Folded ORVMs

Not using the outside rearview mirrors are as good as misusing them completely. Many drivers keep them folded and change lanes without knowing the position of vehicles behind him. Such blind moves cause dangerous accidents all the time. It is extremely important to use the ORVMs properly on the road.