Great Khali drives a Tata Sumo on Indian roads [Video]

The Great Khali is a popular WWE superstar and has even made his Hollywood debut in the movie ‘The Longest Yard’. However, many of you would be aware of Khali’s Indian origins. Actually, his real name is Dilip Singh Rana and he belongs to a village in Himachal Pradesh. Here is a video that shows the Khali driving his Tata Sumo before his WWE-break and subsequent stardom.

Today, Khali is a well-known WWE superstar and has even appeared in as many as four Hollywood and two Bollywood movies. However, before he shot to fame, Khali was an officer with the Punjab Police. Back then, he used a white Tata Sumo. It’s said that Khali loved his Sumo a lot. Of course, having shot to fame now, he has access to some much costlier set of wheels. However, the above video from his pre-WWE days shows him driving his white Tata Sumo.

As you can see in the video, Khali, who is 7 ft 1 inch tall, almost towers over his Sumo. While the video shows Khali driving his Sumo at decent speeds, it’s quite apparent that the MUV is a bit cramped for a giant like him. He is finding it tough to stretch his hands and hence, he holds the steering wheel in a rather awkward fashion. His head is only an inch away from touching the roof and we are sure Khali must have had a tough time making himself comfortable on the driving seat.

Khali is the titleholder of WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion. He’s also the fourth tallest wrestler in the history of WWE. While he lives in Houston, Texas, now, he can be seen using a last-gen Ford Endeavour and a last-gen Toyota Fortuner during his trips to India. Of course, the wrestler has made it big in life and doesn’t need to use his rickety old Sumo anymore but this video gives us an idea of what it must have been for Khali to drive this MUV in his earlier days.