Great Khali goes off roading on a Hero HF Deluxe 100cc commuter bike: Gets STUCK [Video]

The Great Khali is quite popular in India and around the world after his stint with WWE. The ex-wrestler now stays in India and has been spotted at a number of times with different vehicles. Here is a video of him riding a Hero HF Deluxe commuter bike in a field and getting royally stuck in it.

The video shows him riding the bike on the roads too and due to his massive body structure, the commuter bike looks puny beneath him. The Great Khali measures a massive 7 feet 1 inch and looks like a giant. The HF Deluxe looks like a toy under him.

Due to the bad surface and Khali’s heavyweight, the bike gets stuck at a ditch even after trying to get it out from there for multiple times, he failed to do it. The HF Deluxe is a premium commuter bike and is powered by a 97.2cc single-cylinder engine. The bike produces a maximum power of 7.94 Bhp and peak torque of 8.05 Nm. It gets an air-cooled engine and a four-speed transmission. Since it is aimed at the commuters in the market, Hero claims that it can return a massive fuel efficiency of 83 km/l. And it is not made to be a performance bike, especially when a 157 kg ex-wrestler is riding on it.

This is not the first time that the Great Khali has been seen on a bike or a car. Earlier, Khali was spotted on a Royal Enfield motorcycle and even that looked like a toy with him. Same goes for the Bajaj Pulsar on which he was spotted on the public road. Since manufacturers do not make customised vehicles, all the mass production vehicles are made to suit the average height people, anyone too tall or too short can face problems.

Great Khali goes off roading on a Hero HF Deluxe 100cc commuter bike: Gets STUCK [Video]

The Great Khali was also seen inside a Tata Sumo a few years back and even that vehicle could not comfortably hold his body’s structure. Khali could be seen cramped on the driver seat with his head hitting the roof of the MUV. In the more recent times, he has been spotted with a Toyota Fortuner in the rear seat but he did not look much comfortable in it either.

While Khali is a great influence on his fans and all other youngsters, we want to bring it to notice that he did not wear any protective gears while riding the bike. Accidents can happen anywhere and it is always extremely important to wear a helmet while riding the two-wheeler. Falling down even at slower speeds can cause head injuries that can become fatal. This is why the government has made the helmets mandatory across India for the rider and the pillion.