The Great Khali makes the Toyota Fortuner look like a hatchback

The Great Khali – the popular former WWE champion is the first Indian to do so. Khali returned to India a few years ago and is spending time in his ancestral village where he trains local boys and enthusiasts. In the past, we have seen Khali riding on a Royal Enfield and even getting inside a Toyota Glanza making them look like a toy. This picture of The Great Khali standing beside the Toyota Fortuner has become viral on the Internet. The massive Fortuner looks like a hatchback with Khali and here is the picture.

The Great Khali makes the Toyota Fortuner look like a hatchback

This is the pre-facelifted second-generation Fortuner, which is massive in size and can dwarf most other vehicles on the roads. However, with a frame of more than 7 feet, Khali towers over the Fortuner and makes it look like a hatchback. We are not sure if he owns the Fortuner but in his previous videos, he shows himself washing a Toyota Glanza and an old generation Ford Endeavour.

The Fortuner is almost 4.8 meters long and more than 1.8 meters tall. Khali is more than 2 meters tall which is why he seems like towering over the car. We are sure that the Fortuner provides ample room for his massive body structure. Here is a video that shows Khali inside the Fortuner on the co-driver seat. Khali uses the Fortuner quite often to reach events and other places of occupation.

Khali’s Glanza

The Great Khali owns a Toyota Glanza and an older-generation Ford Endeavour for sure. He drives the Toyota Glanza all by himself around his house and also uses it to reach shooting locations and buy groceries. He has so many videos of himself driving the Glanza. However, the Glanza feels quite cramped with Khali on the driving seat. His body structure is so massive that his head touches the roof of the vehicle, which definitely is uncomfortable.

Khali also rides around on motorcycles around his house. There are a few motorcycles that he uses to get around. There is a Royal Enfield Bullet which became viral after a video of him riding the bike was put on social media. He also rides a Bajaj Pulsar and a Hero Honda Splendor. There are a few pictures that show Khali commuting in a Toyota Innova Crysta too.

In his younger days, Khali used to drive around in a Tata Sumo. There are quite a few videos that show him driving a humble Tata Sumo. He even barely fits inside the Sumo too. We are not sure but Khali seems like an automobile enthusiast and loves to ride around on motorcycles and drive his own cars whenever the situation allows. Since he is a celebrity, people just jump in front of the vehicle to get an autograph and that is why most celebrities stay away from the steering wheel.

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