7-foot tall Great Khali barely fits in the Toyota Glanza: [Video]

Former WWE wrestler Khali is currently residing in his native village in Punjab. The wrestler has been spotted on many different bikes in the past and because of his 7-feet, 1-inch height, he makes all the bikes that he rides look like a toy. But what about Khali driving a Toyota Glanza? Well, here is a video that shows him getting in the car and driving it around and he barely fits in the driver seat.

The video shows Khali in a video saying that he is fixing the car but we could not understand the exact problem. The video shows him getting in the car and driving it around for a bit and then coming back home. He lifts up the hood of the car and then refills the wiper washer fluid container with regular water. He then takes out the scissor jack and lifts up the Glanza and inspects the tyre. We are not sure what exactly he wanted to fix but we do hope it is fixed now. It all seems like a promotional video though.

Nonetheless, Khali fitting on the driver’s seat is something that made this video interesting. The huge 7-feet 1-inch high structure of Khali squeezed inside the car and the video from the cabin shows his head touching the roof of the car. We are not sure if it is an automatic or manual version of the Glanza but we don’t think that he changed the gears in the video.

Nonetheless, he looks quite alright inside but the car going over a big bump on the road at a good speed might change that. It should be noted that the average height of the Indians is among one of the shortest around the world, which is why not many people face such problems. On an average, an Indian male is 5 feet 2 inches tall while in the USA, the average male height is 5 feet 9 inches. This is what makes the big SUVs more popular in the USA apart from the cheap fuel prices and empty roads.

Nonetheless, the Great Khali also owns an older-generation Ford Endeavour and a new-generation Toyota Fortuner, which were shown in a video where he was washing his vehicles in the parking. However, most of his videos show him driving the Glanza itself.

The Toyota Glanza was launched in the Indian market last year and it is the first rebadged product from the Suzuki-Toyota partnership in India. The Glanza is identical to the Maruti Suzuki Baleno apart from the logo changes. In the future, both the manufacturers are planning to launch a lot of new cars and their next vehicle will be the Vitara Brezza, which will be tweaked and will be sold through Toyota dealerships in India.

7-foot tall Great Khali barely fits in the Toyota Glanza: [Video]