GREAT ways to summer proof your car

Summers around the corner and heat levels are on the rise. India’s heat & stop-go traffic take a big toll on the car. To ensure that your car remains in its best shape, here are a few tips to prepare your car for the harsh summers.

General check up

GREAT ways to summer proof your car

During summers, overheating is the most common cause of breakdown. To ensure that it doesn’t happen to you, ensure that your coolant is topped up. Check for any leaks in the system. If you plan on getting this job done outside of an authorised service center, ensure you opt for the right grade of coolant. Never open the coolant cap if the engine is hot. Coolant is stored under pressurized conditions. Opening it will result in the coolant spilling out and hurting you.

Another thing to check is the engine oil. Excess heat destroys the engine oil and that could lead to excess engine wear. While you are looking at the fluids, also check the brake fluid, power steering fluid and transmission fluid if they require change or top up.

Also check all hoses & belts to make sure there is no cracks or cuts in the rubber. High temperatures accelerate the rate at which the rubber parts degrade.

Most car manufacturers hold Summer Camps for their customers to make sure their car is ready to beat the heat. We suggest you take your car for it. Not only will they check all the above points, but they will also offer discounts on parts/consumables which will make it worth your while.

AC check up

GREAT ways to summer proof your car

This is more important for you than your car. Check if the AC is cooling. If it isn’t, get the AC gas checked & filter replaced. Also check that there are no leaks in the system and that the belts and pulleys are in good condition.

Tyre check up

GREAT ways to summer proof your car

This is something which could be life threating. There are 2 important things that come under tyre maintenance. One is to maintain the correct tyre pressure defined by the manufacturer. Running low pressure on a hot day could cause the sidewall to get damaged. Remember to adjust the tyre pressure depending upon the load on the car.

The other thing is to ensure that there is enough tread left on the tyres. When driving on a highway (especially the concrete ones), a bald tyre will have dissipate less heat due to more friction and chances of a tyre burst will increase.

Paint protection

GREAT ways to summer proof your car

The sun causes paint finish to become dull. If you want your car’s paint to remain in its best health, polish your car or take it to a detailer who will do it for you. This will add a protective layer over the paint and protect it from the sharp UV radiations.

Also if you are not planning to use your car and don’t have covered parking, invest in a car cover. It will not only protect the paint from becoming dull, it will also protect the interior plastics & upholstery from deteriorating. Covering your car will also protect it from dust.

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