Green Hydrogen collaboration between BPCL and BARC

India’s biggest government-owned oil and gas corporation Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) are collaborating to scale-up alkaline electrolyzer technology for green hydrogen production.

Green Hydrogen collaboration between BPCL and BARC

As the current fossil fuel refineries that produce petrol, diesel and other chemicals use bounteous quantities of hydrogen for de-sulfurisation. The demand for hydrogen has shot up exponentially and as of now, hydrogen is made using steam reforming of natural gas. This method although produces enough hydrogen to fulfil the demand, it also produces a ton of CO2, which is as we know not ideal.

Hence this collaboration between BPCL and BARC will work towards the scaling up of Indigenous Alkaline Electrolyzer Technology. This could also help in the commercialization of hydrogen down the line and the produced hydrogen can also be used as an alternative fuel.

A BPCL statement said, “Presently, Electrolyser Plants are imported. This is a first of its kind initiative to support the country’s commitment to achieve renewable energy targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Additionally, BPCL’s Chairman and Managing Director, Arun Kumar Singh stated, “Through collaboration with BARC, we intend to scale up Indigenous Alkaline Electrolyser Technology and look forward to commercializing it for large use especially in Refineries,”

It has also been announced by Bharat Petroleum that they are planning to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2040. In addition to that, they also want to diversify their portfolio of renewable energy with solar, wind and biofuels. Moreover, the company aspires to meet its power requirements for new projects like its refineries, primarily from renewable sources.

This collaboration is also very important because it intends to increase the production of hydrogen which is one of the alternative fuels that is getting a push from the government of India. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, recently said that he has bought the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai and will be driving it in New Delhi to prove that the use of alternative fuels like hydrogen is possible.

He further stated, “I have a plan to run buses, trucks and cars on green hydrogen that would be produced using sewage water and solid waste in cities.”