Group of bikers save girl from getting kidnapped

A group of bikers with the presence of mind is what saved a young girl from being kidnapped and molested in the country’s capitol, Delhi.


Yes, you read write, a group of bikers along with the police managed to save a girl from getting kidnapped. The incident took place in the Mangolpuri area of Delhi, on Saturday. The girl, who is in her early 20s was on her way back from work when she was approached by a known person who was in the car. When she got into the car, she realized that there were 2 more people along with him. It was all going smoothly till the time they started misbehaving with her and even tore her clothes. She started screaming for help.

Upon hearing her screams, a group of friends who were sitting and having a meal at a road side dhaba decided to chase the vehicle and help the victim. They managed to stop the car after some distance and dragged the abductors out. While 2 of them were caught, one managed to flee.

While the police were called, before they could arrive, a mob had accumulated there and they pelted the car with stones initially, and later put the car on fire. The car in question was a Hyundai Accent. The fire department had to be called to put the fire out.

One of the rescuers, Aman Goyal had the following to say:

The woman was in a state of shock and semi-conscious when we rescued her.

DCP (outer) M N Tiwari said that a case of abduction and assault has been registered in his statement:

We have registered a case under IPC sections 354B (assault or use of criminal force to woman with intent to disrobe) and 362 (abduction). We found that the woman was in touch with one of the accused.

Only two people have been nabbed while the hunt for the third person is still on. The car has been seized and is now evidence in the case.