Group of Hero XPulse riders escape with their lives from landslides & floodwater

The untimely rains gripping many parts of India has created a lot of trouble for the locals and even for the tourists. Visiting a hill or mountains during such rainy weather can be very dangerous and we have seen numerous videos of landslides happening in the past. Well, here is another one where a group of riders barely escape from the landslides and floodwater. The whole incident got recorded in the video cameras of the group.

The video posted by SANCHARI on YouTube shows the group ride to Idukki. Suddenly, it starts to rain heavily that brings a plethora of problems. The rain causes the trees to fall that the group clear collectively to clear the path for their motorcycles. The video also shows landslides happening and the whole section of the hill coming down dangerously barely a few feet away from the riders.

The scary video shows the riders escaping all the challenges thrown at them by the nature. They even face flooded roads due to the rains. Luckily, it was not a cloud burst, else the roads would have drowned within minutes as we have seen in the past in the Himalayas.

Group of Hero XPulse riders escape with their lives from landslides & floodwater

In one of the sections, they ride through the muck on the roads after the landslide. It sure is an extremely treacherous way where the riders are slipping and almost saving themselves from falling down repeatedly. One of the motorcycles even faces starting problems but the rider overcomes the challenge by trying to start the bike repeatedly.

Visiting mountains during the rainy season

A trip to the mountains or any hilly region during the rainy season can be dangerous. As it rains, the slope of the mountains speeds up the flow of the water, which can cause landslides. While the Himalayan region is made up of young mountains, landslides are more common.

This incident that happened in Idukki, Kerala is a part of the Western Ghats that are much older and much more stable range of mountains. Incidents like landslides are not so common until there is a major downpour like we saw in the video for a few days.

Landslides can trap vehicles and can close down the roads for days. That is why one needs to be extremely careful while visiting the mountains when it is raining. One of the most common signs that indicate a landslide is on its way is the rolling of stones. Small stones start to roll down from the top of the hills to the roads, which indicate that a landslide is on its way. If you ever see small stones falling on the roads, proceed very carefully and leave the area as soon as possible.

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