GST effect: Honda cars and SUVs get more expensive

With the cess increase in the GST pricing of vehicles, Honda too has announced a price hike across their range. Over the past few days we have seen companies increase their pricing, Toyota and Skoda being a few.

How much more?

GST effect: Honda cars and SUVs get more expensive

There are a total of 3 cars that have been affected by this cess increase in Honda’s portfolio. They are the City, the BR-V and the CR-V.

The City, which is the companies highest selling model and most popular vehicle has seen a price increase of upto Rs 18,791. For the petrol model, the increase is in the range of Rs 7,003 to Rs 18713, depending upon the model chosen while on the diesel side, the price increase is in the range of Rs 14,951 to Rs 18,791. The City petrol is powered by a 1.5 liter engine making 117 Bhp and 145 Nm while the diesel, which is also a 1.5 liter engine makes 99 Bhp and 200 Nm.

The BR-V is next in line to get a price increase. The petrol model has seen an increase in price of Rs 12,490 to Rs 16,994 while the prices of the diesel have increased by Rs 15,631 to Rs 18,242. While most of the models have become more expensive, the base petrol S variant and the base diesel E variant have not got more expensive and continue to cost the same. This has the same engines as that on the City.

The CR-V, the company’s flagship SUV in India has seen the highest rise in price. The increase varies between Rs 75,304 to Rs 89,069, based on the variant chosen.

For those unaware, the government has increased the cess on mid-size sedans, luxury cars as well as large SUVs. The increase in cess for mid-size vehicles is 2%, for luxury vehicles is 5% and for SUVs is 7%.  Luckily the government decided not to increase the cess on hybrid vehicles and small vehicles, that are below the sub 4-meter category.