Guard rail pierces through Maruti Vitara Brezza killing 2 students

In a tragic accident, two engineering students lost their lives. Three friends were returning from a wedding when the car crashed into a guard rail on the NH9, killing two occupants. Here is what happened.

How did this happen?

Guard rail pierces through Maruti Vitara Brezza killing 2 students

The trio left from the wedding venue early morning and was on their way to Delhi. The accident took place early morning at 7 AM in Bahadurgarh that falls in both Delhi and Haryana.

The main cause of the accident remains unknown but from the pictures, you can make out that it was a high-speed crash.The Vitara Brezza collided with a safety guard rail that is put on the highways to prevent vehicles from going off the road.

The safety barrier has pierced through the vehicle and has come out from the rear causing the hatch door to open. The guard rail also injured the passengers who later succumbed to the injuries.

The gory incident was reported by the passersby to the Rohad Toll Plaza officials who in turn reported the incident to Asoda Hapur police station. All three occupants were rushed to a nearby hospital but two of the occupants were pronounced dead while the third passenger was seriously injured.

Guard rail pierces through Maruti Vitara Brezza killing 2 students

It can be seen that driver side airbag has been deployed. It is not clear if the person who was driving the vehicle survived the accident as the guard rail has pierced from the codriver’s side.

Guard rail pierces through Maruti Vitara Brezza killing 2 students

Road infrastructure to blame?

Even though hundreds of kilometres of highways are added in India every month, the road infrastructure is still far from safe. Never-ending construction, open-ended guard rails and stray cattle and animals pose big threats to cars. Putting cable barriers or sloping down the crash guard improvises the safety by a great deal. Also, most of the guard rails on the Indian highways are unmarked. Here are few tips on how to be safe on the highways.

  • Take speed limits seriously. If the road is empty, do not speed up as there can be unknown obstacles on the road. Driving at a higher speed means lesser time to react. And every split second counts in an emergency.
  • Drive away from big, slow moving vehicles. Do not tailgate any other vehicle. Driving closely gives you less time to react if the vehicle in front of you brakes suddenly.
  • Always avoid driving at night, especially during the Midnight to 4 AM time. The four hours are termed as the graveyard hours and humans feel most sleepy during this time. Driving a car at this time can be dangerous as the driver may doze off.
  • Never change directions abruptly on seeing animals on the road. Larger animals like cows can cause huge damage to the car but they are slow moving animals. Always check the mirrors and take a safer exit from the situation by either applying brakes or changing lanes. Smaller animals like dogs can move fast but they cause less damage to the vehicle, you should not try to avoid the smaller animals if you feel that it is dangerous to do so.

Via: Daily Bhaskar