Guests dont pay hotel bill of 19 lakh: Audi, Cruze seized from them

In a recent petition filed before the district court, Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCO) claims that two alleged guests named- Ashwani Kumar Chopra and Ramnik Bansal stayed at Hotel Shivalikview run by CITCO itself. These guests continued their stay for several months during 2018. The guests opted for different suites but they didn’t pay the bills in fact they kept enjoying the food, drinks and laundry services provided by the hotel.

Guests dont pay hotel bill of 19 lakh: Audi, Cruze seized from them

This resulted in the amount of bills accumulating to Rs. 19 lakhs when these guests came to know about the amount of bills they issued the hotel three different cheques amounting Rs. 6 lakhs each, which were allegedly dishonoured.

After failing to escape from the hotel and getting caught by the hotel security, one of the guests left their Chevrolet Cruze car at the hotel parking and handed over the keys to the hotel management, the other guests did the same by handing over his Audi Q3 keys to the hotel management. The police authorities were present and witness this incident, both the alleged guests request the hotel management to keep cars for now and promised to clear the dues in later.

However, it’s been more than four years but the dues haven’t been cleared by the guests. The alleged defaulter’s cars have been parked at the hotel’s parking since past four years. The authorities have tried many times to settle the matter and clear the dues by meeting the alleged guests face-to-face, but they never succeeded doing that.

Now the frustrated CITCO have gone to the court to seek some help regarding the dues. CITCO demands that both the cars should be auctioned soon. CITCO is looking forward to recover the principal amount of the dues along with the interest accumulated in these four years.

The court however has decided to January 7, 2023, for filling of the report for the auction. It is said that the auction order states that the whoever puts the highest bid, will be declared as the owner of both the high end cars.

The story so far –

• In May of 2018 two businessman Ashwani Kumar Chopra and Ramnik Bansal checked in CITCO owned Hotel Shivalikview.

• Both the guests enjoy all the available services like food, drinks and laundry in their different suites for months costing up-to Rs. 19 lakhs.

• When the hotel demanded them to clear the dues they tried to flee the hotel but failed, later both of them issued three cheques of Rs. 6 lakhs each which were dishonoured by the bank.

• Both the alleged guests gave their cars to the hotel management to keep them and promised to clear the dues later.

• CITCO reaches out to the police for recovering the dues with negotiation but failed.

• CITCO has moved to the district court and demands an auction for the cars to recover their dues along with the interest.