Gujarati aunty’s Kiki challenge outside moving car goes viral: Cops get involved [Video]

A middle-aged woman from Vadodara, Gujarat, is in the limelight for accepting the infamous Kiki challenge. Seen below is a video of the woman that has gone viral overnight. The video clip shows Rizwana Mir, a middle-aged woman, performing the Kiki challenge on the recent hit by famous Canadian rapper Drake. This video comes out just a day after the police force of various cities warned people of arrests and fines for participating in the Kiki challenge on public roads.

Soon after this video went viral, the traffic police of Vadodara expressed its displeasure with the video. In fact, the police has ordered a probe into the viral video. Meanwhile, recently, the Vadodara Police has appealed to all citizens to refrain from participating in this challenge. The notification was issued after Rizwana’s video went viral on social media.

A tweet by the Vadodara traffic police reads –

Currently, the internet has been abuzz with the Kiki Challenge, which is also known as the ‘In My Feelings‘ or the ‘Shiggy’ challenge. Thousands of videos of people participating in this challenge are circulating online.  In order to participate in the Kiki challenge, one needs to dance to Drake’s ‘In My Feelings‘, alongside a slow-moving car! Some celebrities too have shot videos of themselves participating in this challenge by dancing along a moving car. Some videos even show this rather crazy antic causing accidents. While some of these videos show participants running into a pole or tripping over, others even show participants being run over by other vehicles! To be honest, it is really not surprising to see the participants getting hurt.

We, at Cartoq, urge everyone to refrain from participating in this challenge. It’s not only dangerous for the participant but also poses a risk to other road users.

Video source – News18 Gujarat on Youtube

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