Gurgaon man in Kia Carnival who allegedly stole G20 flower pots arrested

Yesterday it was reported that a man driving a Rs 40 lakh Kia Carnival was seen stealing flower pots from the road in Gurugram. The video of the man instantly became viral on the internet and an FIR was lodged against him. In further advancement on this case now it has been reported that the man in the video has been arrested. The Gurugram police have arrested a man by the name of Manmohan Yadav for stealing flower pots kept for the beautification of the G20 summit which will be held in Haryana between 1 March and 4 March.

For those unaware yesterday the video showing two people stealing flower pots that had been set up for a G20 event while driving a high-end vehicle went viral on the internet. It was reported that the video was from Gurugram’s Shankar Chowk that attracted thousands of eyeballs in a short span.

A few hours after the video became massively popular, Gurugram Police filed an FIR to investigate the incident. A large number of flower pots filled with in-bloom flowers are seen being installed in the viral video at a location where a hoarding advertising the G20 meeting can also be seen. It was observed that two men were loading up their expensive Kia Carnival premium MPV with the flower pots. The pair was then seen driving off in the car after placing a few flower pots inside.

Gurgaon man in Kia Carnival who allegedly stole G20 flower pots arrested

After the incident, an FIR was filed at the DLF Phase 3 police station under section 379 (stealing) of the Indian Penal Code against the accused. The Metropolitan Green Planner of the GMDA’s Urban Environment Division filed the police complaint. The FIR stated, “It has been observed that some passers-by/thieves are stealing flower pots placed on the roadside. A video of the theft of flower pots is also going viral on Twitter, in which the registration number of the car used in the theft is HR 20 AY 0006. Therefore, take necessary action against the one who steals the flower pots, considering the importance of the national level event, and also deploy police personnel for the security of the flower pots planted on both sides of the road, so the G-20 event can be completed smoothly,”

In other random turn of events the popular YouTuber and social media influencer Elvish Yadav’s name was also dragged into the incident. The rumours surfaced stating that the family of YouTube personality Elvish Yadav allegedly owns the vehicle with the VIP license plate. As a result, online users began harassing and condemning the YouTuber. Another reason for which the name of the influencer was attached to the case was he was reportedly once spotted rallying in a KIA Carnival with the same registration number, HR20AV0006, in Tijara, Rajasthan, just a year ago.

The popular influencer shared a tweet defending himself in response. In his tweet he stated, “Just because I was seen in a car once, doesn’t mean I own it. Some filthy minds who have a habit of creating fake narratives once again came out of their ratholes with a cooked up story. Forget me, they don’t even leave the country or the PM. You can’t expect more from them.”


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