Wrong-side driver drives away with police constable on bonnet (Video)

Cars not following traffic rules cause one of the biggest chaos on the Indian roads. Traffic cops of various cities try to bring down the illegal driving practices in India by putting up pickets and issuing fines to such drivers. A traffic police constable in Gurgaon tried stopping one such offender on the road following which he was dragged for a few metres by the culprit driver.

The incident was recorded on a mobile phone camera. An on-duty traffic police personnel flagged down a Ford EcoSport that was being driven on the wrong side of the road. When the on-spot cops demanded for the registration certificate of the vehicle, the drive refused to the request and said that he is not carrying the papers. The car driver then calls his accomplice and asks the cops to talk to that person on phone. He also said that his uncle works for “Delhi Police” and that’s why there is a sticker on the windscreen. However, the cops on duty refuse to talk to anyone. When the cops were issuing fine to the driver, he sat inside the vehicle and tried the escape the scenario. The Ford EcoSport tried to escape the cop by accelerating away from the spot. The traffic cop can be seen trying to stop the vehicle by standing in the front of the vehicle but the EcoSport driver tries to escape from the side. The traffic cop jumps on the bonnet and keeps holding it.

Wrong-side driver drives away with police constable on bonnet (Video)

A second vehicle follows the offender’s car and cuts it path to stop it. According to ANI, the incident took place on Wednesday near the Signature Tower Chowk. After the driver stopped, he was pulled to the side of the road and the police personnel ask him to kill the engine and step out of the vehicle at the spot. The driver can be heard blaming the vehicle in front for not being able to park his car. The driver of the Ford EcoSport was arrested on the spot and his vehicle was seized too.

Trying to flee such police pickets have become quite common in the recent past. A Delhi police traffic personnel was killed last month when a speeding truck hit the policeman and dragged him for half a kilometre. The traffic personnel tried to stop the vehicle for a regular inspection. The trucker was then caught by other policemen after a 3-km chase. Earlier this year, a policeman jumped on the bonnet of a car in Delhi when the vehicle did not stop on a busy flyover. He was stopped by the fellow road users and his vehicle was seized. The police department has not commented on the further course of action on the driver yet but he can booked under various sections of the MV Act and IPC.

Such incidents show the road behaviour of most drivers in India. India suffers from one of the highest number of road accidents and fatalities in the world. Even though the traffic police try to make the people follow the rules by spreading the message through different platforms and mediums, the accident rates remain high as ever. India sees addition of lakhs of new cars and scooters every month and with the increasing amount of traffic on the road and not following of the rules increases the number of accidents.