Gurugram resident uses boat after roads flood because of rain [Video]

Engaging in silly or creative antics captured on social media platforms has become commonplace in today’s world. Some of these endeavours also aim to highlight the existing discrepancies, as demonstrated in a YouTube video showing a man using a boat to navigate a waterlogged road in Gurugram.

While this video may appear amusing or lighthearted to many, it sheds light on the poor infrastructure and road quality in Jharsa Road, Gurugram—a city known for its high cost of living and quality standards. The video, posted on the ‘Gurugram News’ YouTube channel, showcases a reporter maneuvering a boat along a busy road submerged in knee-level water, filmed in broad daylight.

During the boat ride on the waterlogged road, amidst numerous vehicles crossing and passing by, the reporter emphasizes the difficulties faced by residents due to this issue. In a city like Gurugram, with a high per capita income and renowned for its modern infrastructure, waterlogging concerns are distressing and troublesome for commuters.

Gurugram resident uses boat after roads flood because of rain [Video]

The video highlights how common people suffer due to inadequate drainage systems, leading to such instances of waterlogging. Some vehicles come to a halt, while a few motorists even encounter accidents. Consequently, this creates significant traffic congestion during the day.

Apart from voicing the concerns of those affected by waterlogging, the reporter calls out the responsible authorities who appear to be turning a blind eye and deaf ear to these issues that arise after rainfall. The video also mentions that Gurugram has encountered waterlogging problems in various areas in the past, indicating a recurring issue.

Waterlogging is a major issue

Waterlogging has emerged as a major problem affecting ordinary citizens, particularly exacerbated during the monsoon season. Even after a brief shower, many streets and roads across the country experience waterlogging due to insufficient drainage systems and poor road construction. This issue is increasingly concerning in major cities like Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru.

According to Gadkari, these highways and tunnels will be constructed to meet American standards, promoting tourism and development in Jammu and Kashmir. The new roads will significantly reduce travel time, enabling journeys from Srinagar to Jammu in four hours and from Delhi to Srinagar in eight hours. Additionally, the government plans to upgrade highways in other states, facilitating faster travel between major cities. As part of this initiative, the aim is to reduce the travel time from Delhi to Mumbai to just 12 hours.

It is not the first time an Indian minister has made ambitious claims about Indian roads. In 2017, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan made a controversial statement, asserting that the roads in Madhya Pradesh were superior to those in Washington. This statement drew criticism from netizens, who shared images of pothole-ridden roads in Madhya Pradesh on Twitter.

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