Hammerhead 800: India’s first ‘all-wheel drive’ bike is powered by a Maruti 800 engine

While the trend of home garages is quite popular in developed countries, it is not so popular in India. Yet, there are many who have done quite interesting jobs of developing an automobile from scratch at their homes. Here is one such 20-year old who bought an almost-junked Maruti Suzuki 800 and transformed it into an all-wheel-drive motorcycle.

The youngster used a diamond-shaped space frame to add rigidity and strength to the platform of the new handmade automobile – the Hammerhead. In the centre of the chassis sits the 796cc from Maruti Suzuki 800. There is a four-speed transmission that sends the power to all four wheels.

The ratio of the final drive in the transmission is altered and is increased by 4 times. Also, all the gears are quite tall, which can be used in overdrive as well. One of its kind motorcycles sure looks strange on the roads. However, since it gets an AWD system, we believe that it will do quite well in the off-road sections. There is no footage of the handmade motorcycle on the rough terrains and off-roading sections so we cannot comment on its success.

Gets a hub steering

Hammerhead 800: India’s first ‘all-wheel drive’ bike is powered by a Maruti 800 engine

The front of the Hammerhead looks so different from regular motorcycles. That is because it gets a hub-steering system. The system utilises a swing arm to control the movement of the front wheel. This motorcycle gets two swing arms at both wheels.

To hide the hub steering system, there are big fairings mounted to the motorcycle. That is why it looks so odd and different compared to the standard two-wheelers on the roads.  There is also a surround sound music system on the motorcycle. One can use a smartphone to connect to the system and play music on the move.

Hammerhead has received awards too

Hammerhead 800: India’s first ‘all-wheel drive’ bike is powered by a Maruti 800 engine

The creator of the motorcycles – Ruzbeh is a third-year engineering student and is from Gujarat. He made the motorcycle in 2016 while pursuing his B-Tech. Ruzbeh said that it took him about a year to develop and manufacture the motorcycle. The motorcycle has also won awards. According to Ruzbeh, the Hammerhead won the award of most “Macho Bike” at 2017 India Bike Week.

I have started working on the compact version of this motorcycle. This is the only bike in the country which can be driven in both the directions and has a maximum speed of 200 kilometres with four-speed forward and one-speed reverse manual transmission. I want to earn a name in the automobile world. From a very small age, I had a passion for bike modification. Few years ago, I had modified a 100cc motorcycle and also the diesel motorcycle of my father.

The Hammerhead is also in the India Book of Records for designing a dual propeller all-wheel-drive motorcycle. Ruzbeh has also filed for a patent to protect the design of the motorcycle. He has filed the design as intellectual property with the Word Intellectual Organization under Parent Cooperation Treaty.