Do NOT leave your hand sanitizer in your car: Here’s why [Video]

With the global pandemic of COVID-19, hand sanitizers have become an essential household product. The use of the hand sanitizers have increased after the COVID-19 outbreak globally and it is one of the products that has become high in demand around the world. However, the sanitizers used for the protection against the viruses have high alcohol content in them that kill the microscopic organisms, which is why extra precautions should be taken while handling them. A hand sanitizer exploded in the face of an 11-year old girl after it was kept in the car for a long time. Here is what happened and how you can avoid it.

Olivia-Layla, an 11-year-old girl was injured after a hand sanitizer exploded in the car. Her mother wanted to pick-up from the pharmacy and got into the car the first time since the lockdown started in the UK. The Mercedes-Benz sedan, which was parked under the blazing for around four weeks had the hand sanitizer gel kept inside. The young girl reached for the hand sanitizer gel after sitting in the car and as soon as she flipped the cap open, the bottle exploded and a jet of hot gel sprayed into the girl’s left eye.

Her mother is a first aid instructor and the first thing that she did was to leave the car and get some clean water to rinse her eyes. The entire incident was captured in a nearby CCTV and the footage shows the mother-daughter duo rushing to clean water source after getting out of the vehicle. They rinsed the eye with clean water, however, ophthalmologists have said that there is a damage in the eyeball. They could not clarify if the damage is due to the sanitizer gel that entered her eye or the force with which the gel hit her eye.

Do NOT leave your hand sanitizer in your car: Here’s why [Video]

Hand sanitizers have high alcohol content in them and should be stored in a proper way. Experts say that such products should be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. The surrounding temperature should be below 40-degree celsius. Under the direct sunlight, the ambient temperature inside the cabin can rise very quickly. The temperature of the cabin can be easily 10-20 degrees higher than the outside temperature due to the greenhouse effect. This is why products like hand sanitizers or high-pressure cans like perfumes should not be left inside the vehicle. If you are carrying such products with you, it is always a good idea to keep them in a bag and carry it with you. This way, the products will not become excessively hot. A hot hand sanitizer can also cause skin irritation according to the experts.

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