Watch the handmade electric miniature Jeep from Kerala in action

Few weeks ago, we had featured an article on our website that clearly explained how an upcoming youtuber from Kerala had built a working miniature model of jeep. The name of the youtuber is Rakesh Babu and he was in the news before for his handmade miniature model of Volkswagen Beetle and Yamaha RX100. The vlogger has done several modification and miniature model projects in the past and this miniature jeep was one of his latest one. He has now come up with a new video that shows the finished product and explains all the elements of his electric jeep.

The video has been uploaded by sudus custom on his youtube channel. The video shows the finished product and the youtuber who is also the man behind this creation explains all the components used in the car. This is basically a miniature version of the Jeep and is ideal for kids. Unlike other miniature models where he has used motorcycle engines and chainsaw motors, he has used an electric motor in the Jeep.

He has neatly placed the electric battery, converter, and all the wires related to the setting behind the seat. This is a lithium-ion battery and Rakesh has also given a proper charging point at the rear of the car. As this is an electric vehicle, it uses an electric motor. It is a 750W motor that is connected to 48 volt battery. The battery provides a maximum range of 40 kms and the jeep has a top speed of around 50 kmph.

Watch the handmade electric miniature Jeep from Kerala in action

The whole body of the jeep is made from metal sheets. A proper frame is built on which the body is sitting. The jeep has a working suspension setup. Front gets shock absorbers from TVS XL100 whereas the rear gets a setup from a Hero Splendor motorcycle. The front grille has been cut from the same metal sheet as body. The youtuber after completing the grille found out that, the gap between the slats were actually exposing the wires and other components inside. In order to get rid of that problem, he neatly welds a piece of metal sheet with mesh design behind the grille.

The jeep runs on autorickshaw tyres at the rear whereas the front gets tyre from a scooter and the rims are from a trolley. Under the bonnet it is all empty. Only a small horn and wiring for the headlamps (which is actually a fog lamp from some car) can be seen here. The connecting rod for the steering is also seen here. The steering wheel itself is made from metal rod that was bent at his workshop to get the desired look.

The electric motor is placed under the seat and it comes with a reverse as well. vlogger has installed a lever which the driver has to push and hold to engage the reverse gear. Once the driver lifts the hand from the lever, it starts moving forward. There are brake and accelerator pedal and the throttle response can be adjusted to suit a child’s requirement.