This hand-made Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 miniature model looks superb [video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles as we all know are popular around the world. The flagship model from the manufacturer currently are the 650 twins, which like any other Royal Enfield motorcycle is doing pretty well in terms of sales. The Interceptor 650 is one of the most affordable twin cylinder motorcycle one can buy in the country. The Continental GT 650 which is a cafe race styled motorcycle is the other motorcycle using the same engine. Miniature models are quite common nowadays and here we have a video of a handmade miniature model of Continental GT 650 showing how it is made.

The video has been uploaded by Prasad K Gurav on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing the pictures of the miniature model that he has built. Then it starts showing how the miniature was actually made. The artist made every part on this model from scratch. he made  the chassis using plastic pieces. He then shows the swing arm, front forks, fuel tank, engine, spoke rims, disc plates, tyres, seats and the sub frame of the motorcycle.

Many parts on this miniature have been made from refills and body of a pen. Once he has shown all the components, he paints them all. The artist has gone for the chrome finish which is available with GT 650 normally. He then starts assembling all the parts using small screws. He starts by installing the engine inside the chassis. After that, he goes for the fuel tank and then the the swing arm. He then puts the rear shock absorbers in place and then joins it with the frame. The rear shock absorber is actually a working unit.

The twin exhaust pipes, rear spoke rims and tyres, rear fenders along with the tiny tail lamp and turn indicators are installed. Once he is done with the rear, he moves to the front. He then starts installing the oil cooler, front forks along with wheels and the disc plates. The headlight unit is also handmade and is actually working. He has included a small LED light inside which is connected to a bunch of silicon batteries inside the side panel. Once the motorcycle is complete it looks beautiful. There might be couple of issues in terms of finishing and paint but, considering the fact that it was all handmade, the artist has done a commendable job.