Happy Ola S1 Pro owner shares his ownership experience after 4,000 km [Video]

The Ola S1 Pro arrived at a time when the prices of petrol are rising like never before and the craze for electric vehicles is also at an all-time high. However, within a few months of its existence in the market, the scooter has been in news for several wrong reasons, such as build quality and fit and finish issues, software glitches, delays in deliveries, and below-average after-sales support and the most recent incident of a scooter catching fire. Amidst all the negatives surrounding it, here is a positive ownership experience by an S1 Pro owner.

In a YouTube video shared by the channel ‘MotorExpress’, a person named Mridul Yadav shared the ownership experience of Ola S1 Pro, which he acquired in March 2022. Mridul uses the S1 Pro to commute from his home in Janakpur in New Delhi to his workplace in Gurgaon daily. In just one and a half months of his ownership, Mridul covered a distance of around 4,311 km on the scooter. Mridul paid around Rs 1.08 lakh for the locked version of the S1 Pro, excluding the subsidies provided by the Delhi Government for the moment.

Owner loves riding the scooter

Mridul started describing the experience by saying that he is satisfied with the smooth and zippy riding experience of the Ola S1 Pro. He is also impressed with the European design language of the Ola S1 Pro, which according to him, is quite distinctive when compared to other scooters on the road. At the same time, he also feels that some of the body panels could have been metal parts, as the S1 Pro comes with fibre-made panels all around. He also says that despite its heavier kerb weight of 122 kgs, which is more than the weight of conventional 110-125cc scooters, the S1 Pro feels easy to ride and maneuver.

Mridul rides the Ola S1 Pro mostly in the Normal riding mode, given his basic purpose of commuting from point A to point B. While he is impressed with the smooth-riding experience, he feels that the acceleration from 0-30 km/h in the Normal riding mode can be slightly more linear and lag-free. However, he is impressed with the way the scooter pulls from 30-80 km/h in the Normal riding mode.

No overheating issues

Happy Ola S1 Pro owner shares his ownership experience after 4,000 km [Video]

While Mridul hasn’t faced any battery overheating issues yet, he shared one of his instances, when the battery of the scooter didn’t charge for 30 minutes after his scooter was parked under direct sunlight. He feels that Ola Electric should work on designing the battery keeping the Indian climatic conditions in mind.

The locked version of the Ola S1 Pro owned by Mridul has a 3.97 kWh battery, out of which only 2.9 kWh can be used. This battery takes 4-4.5 hours for a full charge and is returning 121 km of range to Mridul, which incidentally is the ARAI-claimed range by Ola for this battery configuration. Mridul claims that the S1 Pro is costing him Rs 0.2/km.

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