MPV crashes into Harley-Davidson: Whose fault is it? [Video]

harley davidson ertiga accident

Driving at the wrong side, jumping signals has all become common causes of accidents in India. Here is one more where a biker on a Harley-Davidson came from wrong side and took a turn to get hit by a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Here is the video.

The short video recorded by someone on the opposite side of the traffic junction shows the biker coming from a wrong side. As he needs to take a left turn, he does not slows down and tries to cross the road.

However, a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, unaware of the biker crossing the junction crashes into it. The biker fell down from the motorcycle but since he was wearing safety gears, it seems like he did not suffer from injuries.

Who do you think is at a fault here?

MPV crashes into Harley-Davidson: Whose fault is it? [Video]

The biker is entering the junction from the wrong side. There are vehicles waiting to take a right turn at the signal, the signal to go straight is green. The vehicles waiting at the junction have also partially blocked the view of the Ertiga driver.

The rider also did not slow down to check for traffic. The Ertiga driver here was shocked to see the biker at the last moment and could not slow down or stop to let the biker pass. The biker here is at fault for riding on the wrong side, jumping signal and not checking for the traffic.

The driver in the Ertiga did not slow down at a junction, which is a common sense while driving on the Indian roads. While the driver did not break any rules, simple practice of slowing down at the junctions reduces the chances of accidents by a large degree.

Accidents in India

Most accidents in India happen at crossroads because people often don’t pay attention. To prevent these avoidable accidents, it’s very important to slow down and look both ways before crossing at junctions. Even if the traffic light is green, always check that nobody is coming from the other side and might hit you. It’s also important to slow down even if the roads look empty.

Using the wrong side of the road might seem like a way to save time and fuel, but it can be very dangerous. It’s always important to stay in the correct lane, especially on highways. If you have to use the wrong lane, avoid the fastest lane where other vehicles often overtake.

In India, there is no concept of right-of-way, so it’s a good idea to reduce your speed when approaching a crossing to ensure safety. When driving on highways, it’s recommended to slow down when going through populated areas like towns and villages. Despite having designated pedestrian crossings, many people choose to cross the highway randomly to save time, and there is also a high chance of encountering stray animals in those areas.

Slowing down and driving overall slow on the Indian roads is the only way to remain safe. Since there is no lane discipline and the general road etiquettes among the Indian motorists, it is better to remain defensive.