Harley Davidson RoadGlide rider BUSTED for playing music [Video]

With the new MV Act in place, a lot of posts showing absurd challan amounts are going viral on the Internet. The police have become a lot of stricter after the new amended MV Act is in effect. Recently, an owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle was stopped by the Delhi Police and was fined for playing music on his Harley Davidson RoadGlide Special. He was also fined for other things but exact details are not known yet.

As per Raghav Swati Puri, the owner of the motorcycle, he was riding the new Harley-Davidson RoadGlide around the Tilak Nagar area of the city. The motorcycle was registered on 22nd August, which barely makes it one month old. He says that he was riding the motorcycle with the helmet on and music playing. As he moved after the traffic signal turned green, he was stopped by a cop and was asked for the driving licence. When Raghav asked why he was stopped, the cops replied that the ACP, Tilak Nagar PS is in the car and he has to show the documents of the bike to him or come to the police station.

The cops claimed that the bike’s saddlebags and the speakers are aftermarket accessories and Raghav has modified the motorcycle. Even though Raghav showed the video of the RoadGlide Special on the Indian website to the cops present at the spot, they did not listen at all. As per Raghav, they said that the bike is illegal and is not in stock form. The cops and the owner then argued after which he was asked to come to the police station. At the Tilak Nagar Police Station, the cops played the music at full volume on the motorcycle and issued a challan for playing music on the motorcycle.

After getting a fine for playing music on the motorcycle, Raghav tried contacting Delhi traffic police through the social media and also through email. However, they only replied on the social media and gave a number of the Traffic Inspector of Tilak Nagar area. They did not answer Raghav’s question any further.

Harley Davidson RoadGlide rider BUSTED for playing music [Video]

The 2019 Harley Davidson RoadGlide Special is a fully imported model and the on-road price is more than Rs 40 lakhs. The motorcycle gets Boom! Box GTS infotainment system that offers a coloured instrument cluster and a 2-speakers of 25 watts each. It should be noted that there are quite a few models that offer such stock speaker system on the motorcycle including Harley-Davidson and Indian. However, such a fine for playing music on the motorcycle has happened for the first time in the country.

Harley Davidson RoadGlide rider BUSTED for playing music [Video]
Former Harley Davidson MD Vikram Pawah with the Road Glide

Mr Raghav was issued a court challan under sections DMVR 102 and 177 of MV Act. The cops impounded the driving license of the owner of the bike too. It should be noted that the fine amount is only Rs 500 but the owner is not satisfied by the way cops behaved with him and harassed him on the roads. Further updates are not known. Since it is a challan that has to be submitted in the court, we may get more details on this at a later date.

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