Harley-Davidson entry-level 300 cc motorcycle that will challenge Royal Enfield

Harley-Davidson is working on a new sub-400 cc motorcycle in partnership with Benelli’s parent company Qianjiang. There was a motorcycle that surfaced on the internet back in August 2020 with the name ‘Harley Davidson 338R’ but it seems like that motorcycle will not hit production. Now, there will be a new modern cruiser that will be replacing the old motorcycle.

The approval document that was applied in China says that the motorcycle could be called QJMotor SRV300. There is also a teaser sketch and the image of the production motorcycle that has been leaked alongside the document.

Harley-Davidson entry-level 300 cc motorcycle that will challenge Royal Enfield

From the image, we can get a good look at how the new motorcycle will look. The SRV300 does look like a more traditional Harley with its bulbous fuel tank, modern cruiser design language and a circular front headlamp with circular LED turn indicates mounted beside the headlamp. There is also a tiny windscreen placed on top of the headlamp, we do not know if it serves a functional purpose or it is just for cosmetic purpose. It looks like the SRV300 will be a single-seater motorcycle with a scooped out seat that is well upholstered. The seat height of the motorcycle is also not much so it should be easy for people with short height to ride the motorcycle. At the side, you will get two exhaust pipes coming from the engine.

The motorcycle also comes with alloy wheels which is a good thing because it meant that it should come with tubeless tyres. So, you won’t have to worry about getting a puncture. At the front, you get a 16-inch wheel while at the rear you get a 15-inch wheel. The front uses a single disc brake and at the rear too you get a disc brake. Dual-channel Anti-lock Braking System will be offered as standard on the motorcycle. At the rear, you get conventional dual shock absorbers.

Despite being an entry-level motorcycle, the SRV300 comes with upside-down front forks and liquid cooling for the engine. Speaking of the engine, it is a 296cc V-twin engine that should be capable of producing 30 bhp of max power. The motorcycle should be able to hit a top speed of around 129 kmph. With a kerb weight of 163 kgs, the motorcycle should not be too heavy to handle.

Harley-Davidson entry-level 300 cc motorcycle that will challenge Royal Enfield

The new motorcycle does look really appealing and a true Harley-Davidson. The old motorcycle that was leaked came with a lot of parts sharing from the Benelli 302S. It shared the suspension setup, brakes, main frame, sub-frame and even the wheels. The 338 cc engine was also the same, but it would have a bigger bore and stroke. It was a naked motorcycle with design elements that did not really look like a Harley-Davidson.

The new entry-level Harley-Davidson has already been teased in the Chinese market and we believe it should make its way to India too. However, that might take some time considering Harley-Davidson does not operate in India anymore, but they have tied-up with Hero MotorCorp who will be running their India’s operations.

Via CycleWorld