Cop busts Harley Davidson Street 750 rider for speeding: Loves the bike! [Video]

Harley Davidson are loved all over the world for their design, powerful engines and exhaust note among many others. The revered motorcycle marque is one of the oldest surviving brand and has a rich history. In India, Harley’s come at a high price due to them being either CBUs or CKD units.

But this doesn’t deters the numerous enthusiasts from owning one. And how can the cops be spared of the bewitching beauty these bikes posses, they after all are humans too. We today bring you a video which shows the same. Video courtesy MadrasMotorHead


In the video, we see two riders being stopped by police on a highway in Karnataka. As the riders were in full riding gear, the cops suspected they were indulging in a street race, which later turned out was not the case. The bikes in question are a Harley Davidson Street 750 and a Benelli TNT 300. The Benelli, however, was all ignored as the policemen were quite fascinated by the blue Harley cruiser.

The cops first inquired whether the bike riders were racing as they were riding high powered bikes. On being assured that this was not the case, they further began to ask about the bike and its details. The guys then tell the cops that its a Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycle, has a very easy riding stance and can be ridden comfortably over long distance. Upon being told that the bike costs up wards of Rs. 5 lakhs, they become more interested in the bike and ask the typical ‘Kitna deti hai’ (read mileage) question.

Cop busts Harley Davidson Street 750 rider for speeding: Loves the bike! [Video]

They are also curious about the various gizmos the bikers had attached to their helmets, which the bikers told were a helmet mounted camera and helmet intercom system. They further told the cops that they used the camera to record their journey and adventures. They were further taken aback when they inquired about the engine displacement, which turned out to be 750 cc. This were astonished by this and were further interested in the motorcycle.

They asked the riders if they could ride one, to which the guys wholeheartedly agreed. After understanding the gearing, the first cop (in plain dress) took the Harley for a short spin, only to be more delighted by it. Then the other policeman took the reins of the Harley in his hands and went for a quick ride. Wee couldn’t help but notice how impressed he was with the bike upon returning. It even suited his personality and the policeman on a Harley looked rather impressive.

Cop busts Harley Davidson Street 750 rider for speeding: Loves the bike! [Video]
Harley Davidson Street 750

Lastly, the bikers bid farewell to the now happy cops and thank them. The cops were so happy that they also thanked the guys and even asked them out for tea, to which the guys politely declined by saying they had a long road ahead of them. This video goes on to show that not all fully geared riders on powerful bikes are breaking law by racing and not all policemen are the same. Some may even share your ride leading to a lifelong memory.