Harley-Davidson to launch 3 new Softail cruiser motorcycles in India; Launch date revealed

Harley-Davidson will launch three new motorcycles in India on 28th February. The new models will be a part of the brand’s Softail range and the company is yet to reveal any details of the models. However, the American company is expected to launch Sports Glide, Softail Slim and the Softail Lowrider in India. The Indian market already received the Fat Boy, Heritage Softail, Fat Bob and Street Bob from their Softail range last year.

Harley-Davidson to launch 3 new Softail cruiser motorcycles in India; Launch date revealed

The new Softail range features updated chassis and suspension. There is also the new Milwaukee-Eight engine that the company offers on the updated bike. The all-new chassis comes with an under seat suspension that is hidden from the view. The Indian spec bike will be powered by the 107 Milwaukee-Eight v-twin engine that has a displacement of 1,745cc and produces 144 Nm of torque.

Internationally, there is also Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine that has higher displacement and power output but the engine is not expected in the Indian market. All the three bikes will be powered by the same Milwaukee 107 engine in the Indian market. The engine is part of the all-new engines launched by Harley-Davidson last year. It gets counterbalance that reduces the vibrations and makes the engine a lot smoother.

As per Harley-Davidson, they have incorporated changes in the new Softail range based on the market research and are far better than the predecessor models. The motorcycles have also better dynamic capability, handling and have a much-reduced steering effort. The updated steering system is claimed to be much smoother than the previous generation bikes.

The motorcycles will come to India as Completely Built Units (CBUs). Harley-Davidson also assembles a range of motorcycles in India to keep the price tag affordable. They also manufacture Street 500 and 750 entry-level models in their Indian facility at Bawal, Haryana, and export it to international markets around the world.

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