125cc Yamaha Enticer transformed into a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

Modification is an art and there are several artists in our country and around the world. We have seen several tastefully modified motorcycles in our country. Most of the modification are based on Royal Enfield motorcycle for various reasons but, here we have a video that shows how simple 125-cc Yamaha Enticer cruiser motorcycle was beautifully modified to look like a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight. The modification has been done by Rakesh Babu from Kerala. It is not his project. He became viral on social after his Volkswagen Beetle miniature version using a Suzuki Samurai engine became popular. In this video, he explains how he converted the Yamaha Enticer into a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight.

Rakesh Babu has shared this video about modification on his Youtube channel sudus custom. What makes his modification special is that almost all the elements used in this motorcycle were built by him at his small garage. As mentioned above, Yamaha Enticer is the donor bike for this project. He bought a used motorcycle for this project and he can heard saying on video that the bike was not in working condition when it arrived the workshop.

All the panels on the motorcycle was taken down and some modifications were made to the frame. The frame was repainted and then he started working on the looks. The front and rear fenders, the fuel tank and side panels are all fabricated. The fuel tank and other components of this motorcycle were fabricated by simply looking at images on the internet. He had done the same thing when he was building his Volkswagen Beetle miniature as well.

125cc Yamaha Enticer transformed into a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

Yamaha Enticer is a 125cc single cylinder motorcycle whereas the Harley Davidson gets a V-Twin engine. In order to give it a bulky twin cylinder engine look, Rakesh Babu fabricated engine covers at his garage using fiber glass material. He also installed a custom made exhaust and both the pipes are working. It gets a custom made seat and the stock headlamps were replaced with large fog lamps to go with the overall design of the bike.

He has also replaced the handle bars but, the foot pegs position remain the same. It gets a single pod instrument cluster, small LED tail lamps and normal turn indicators. It still has the spoke wheels but the rear tyre is a lot chunkier than the stock version. This was done in order to complete the Harley Davidson look. The video even shows Rakesh Babu riding the motorcycle. The bike still has the stick start mechanism in place. The sound from the exhaust is loud but, it is not similar to what the original Harley produces. That is because, it still uses the same 125-cc single cylinder enticer engine.

The finished product looks beautiful and Rakesh has once again done an excellent job when it comes to the painting. The finish on the bike is great and looking at the bike, no one can say that it is actually an Enticer. There is no trait of Yamaha Enticer cruiser left on the motorcycle. The exact time and money invested into this project is not known. What we know however is that, this bike is not with him anymore as he sold it to a customer.