Harley or sportsbike? Crazy Harley Davidson rider rides it like its a Ducati! [Video]

Harley-Davidson is extremely popular among motorcycle enthusiasts. The cruiser segment bikes are mostly used for long-distance touring or lazy riding around the city but never have they been used for knee-scrapping around the track’s corners. Well, here is a video that shows how dramatic the turns can become even on a Harley-Davidson if the rider wants.

The bike seen in the video looks like a Harley-Davidson Sportster with the custom handlebar. The video has been taken from the helmet-mounted camera of the rider on Honda CBR 1000R Fireblade, which is a litre-class sportsbike. The location of the video is unknown but it is a mountain road with numerous twists and turns. It looks like a weekend group ride where the Harley-Davidson rider overtakes the Honda to show his mad skills on the bike.

We can see how the Harley-Davidson rider embraces all the corners on his way and brings the bike extremely close to the road surface. He can be seen taking the turns at an extremely high speed and hanging on the bike to maintain the balance. The rider even skids once but quickly finds the traction back and goes back to the high-speed cornering business as usual.

Harley or sportsbike? Crazy Harley Davidson rider rides it like its a Ducati! [Video]

The actual speed is not known due to the video quality but it seems close to 100 km/h and taking corners on such a speed on public roads require a high level of skill. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not designed for high-speed cornering. The high handlebar, low seat height is for the riders who want to relax and cruise on the open highways. Apart from the rider’s seating posture, the heavy weight of the Harley-Davidson bikes can become a hindrance while taking high-speed corners.

All the credits in this video have to go to the rider of the Harley-Davidson who showed excellent control on the turns. We are not sure about the speed limit of the roads but be assured that in India, no such twisting roads have high-speed limits. If any of you wants to do such high-speed riding and practice taking high speed turns, tracks are the best place to be!

Shantonil Nag

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