Haryana minister Anil Vij survives scare as his Mercedes Benz’s suspension breaks on KMP expressway

Haryana Minister Anil Vij on Monday had a narrow escape after the suspension of his Mercedes-Benz E200 broke on a highway. The minister was travelling between Ambala Cantt and Gurugram when the suspension broke into two pieces. The incident happened on the Western Peripheral Expressway, which is also known as Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway.

Anil Vij took to Twitter to tell the story of his miraculous escape. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class in which Vij was travelling was an official car. Vij was going to attend a party when the incident happened.

The Haryana BJP minister also posted pictures of his car and the broken parts on his Twitter page. According to Vij, he was travelling from Ambala Cantt to Gurugram and suddenly the suspension gave up. The front-right suspension of the car broke down. The driver then took the car to a workshop. No one was injured in the incident.

The part that broke into two seems to be an arm connected to the axle of the front wheels. While the exact reason for breaking the suspension remains unknown, there can be numerous reasons for a suspension to break down. The pictures also show the front left wheel has sunk into the wheel well of the E-Class.

Suspension can break because of many reasons

Road bumps can cause the suspension to break. Hitting a road bump at high speed can break down the suspension of any car. Being overweight is another reason why suspension breaks. If you keep on loading the vehicle with a heavy payload, the suspension can give away, especially at high speeds.

Normal wear and tear over the years can cause the suspension to break down. We are not sure about how much the vehicle has been driven till now. However, wear and tear can bring out weak links in the suspension and it can break down. Rust is another enemy that one should check for regularly under the car. Rust makes the part look old and also makes the part weak. Suspension is a part that remains under constant stress if driven around. It is also quite possible that this stress caused the suspension to break down.

It takes a long time before the suspension breaks down because of wear and tear. Due to the constant vibrations, the suspension can become old and fragile. Any more load on the part can mean that it will break.

Mercedes-Benz is likely to come up with a statement after the diagnostic of the vehicle is complete. Mercedes-Benz E-Class remains the best-selling luxury car in the Indian market. Numerous politicians and business owners own a Mercedes-Benz E-Class in India. However, this is the first time that a car has got its suspension broken.