Haryana Police’s Innova driving on wrong way on National Highway is absolutely stupid [Video]

Driving on the wrong side of the road is a major menace in India. We have seen it happening on city roads and even the national highways and expressways are not immune to this problem. Here is an incident where a Toyota Innova of Haryana Police goes on the wrong side and narrowly misses hitting another vehicle.

The video is recorded on the dashboard camera of a motorist who was travelling with his family. It shows Haryana Police taking the wrong side of the road and driving against the flow of traffic. The highway is decently crowded with high-speed traffic as the marked police car makes its way.

The motorist with the dashboard camera narrowly misses hitting the police vehicle and then also tells the police officer that the cars could have collided with each other. The police officer replied saying “How it can collide?”

Since the incident happened on a flyover, there was limited space and no runoff area on the shoulder of the road. It would have been a high-speed accident if the driver did not apply the brakes on time.

Haryana Police’s Innova driving on wrong way on National Highway is absolutely stupid [Video]

Earlier this year, another Haryana Police car was driving on the wrong side of the road in Gurugram. That vehicle crashed with another vehicle causing fatal injuries to a minor.

Wrong side driving in India

Using the wrong side of the road may seem like a way to save time and fuel, but it can lead to disastrous consequences. It is essential always to follow the correct lane, particularly on highways. If you find yourself in a situation where you must use the wrong lane, it is advisable to avoid the fastest lane, as it is frequently used for overtaking by other vehicles.

In many cases, when highways and expressways are constructed, the contractors or authorities often neglect to provide access roads for the local communities. As a result, the locals end up using the highways, and since U-turns are far away, they resort to taking the wrong side to reach their destination and reduce the distance.

In India, the concept of right-of-way is non-existent, making it even more crucial to reduce speed when approaching a crossing to ensure road safety. Additionally, when traveling on highways, it is recommended to slow down while passing through populated areas such as towns and villages. Despite the presence of designated pedestrian crossings, many people choose to cross the highway randomly to save time, and there is also a high likelihood of encountering stray animals and cattle in such areas.

Maintaining a safe speed on the highways is crucial, especially considering that incidents of locals riding on the wrong side of the road are quite common, particularly near settlements or urban areas along the highways.

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