Hatchback sales June 2012: Maruti cars rule!

Manufacturers have come out with sales figures for the month of June and there have been some interesting changes in numbers. Here we take a look at which cars leapt up the sales ladder and which ones took a major blow.

Let’s start with the cars that have had the highest sales in the month of June and then move onto the cars that saw average and dismal sales.

Hatchback sales June 2012: Maruti cars rule!
Photo: Honda Brio too the worst hit in June. Down from 4,500 to 609 as Honda held back inventory

Best sellers

The top three cars in terms of sales numbers were the Maruti Suzuki Alto, Swift and Wagon R. While the Alto sold a healthy 21,645 units, the Swift and Wagon R sold 15,682 units and 9,983 units respectively! Taking the fourth, fifth and sixth spot were the Hyundai i20, Eon and i10 with 7,676 units, 6,550 units and 6,177 units respectively. The Swift had however sold 20,050 units in May which means despite of being in the top three it has seen a drop of around 5,000 units.

Hatchback sales June 2012: Maruti cars rule!

Worst sellers

Where there are winners, there have to be losers, so let’s take a look at hatchbacks that sold the least this June. The Skoda Fabia, Honda Brio and Chevrolet Spark sold the least with 594 units, 609 units and 614 units respectively. Reportedly, Honda had withheld units intentionally as there were already enough Brios at dealerships. The Honda Jazz and Maruti Suzuki Estilo took the fifth and sixth spot from the bottom up in terms of sales with 649 units and 1015 units respectively. The Estilo though has moved up from 666 units in May.

Major Movers

Apart from the best and worst selling cars there were also some cars who took major jumps compared to the last few months. This includes both cars that saw a surge in sales and cars that saw a slump in sales. The Nissan Micra took an interesting jump upwards and sold 1,091 units which is almost double the number of Micras sold in May (540 units). Similarly the Maruti Suzuki Ritz has jumped up from 3,574 units in May to 5,927 units in June; a jump of almost 2,500 units.

The Honda Brio which came down to the bottom of the sales chart with a sales of 649 units has also fallen in terms of its sales last month which stood at 4,512 units; a drop of roughly 3,900 units. Honda says they deliberately withheld inventory build up for the Brio. The Tata Nano is another car that had a bad run as it came down from 8,507 units in May to 5,605 units in June.