Hatchback/sedan or compact SUV: What should you pick

Compact SUVs have been selling more than the sedans and the hatchbacks since they were introduced in the market. There is a trend of compact SUVs and what helps manufacturers is the tax-relaxations on the sub-four metre vehicles. Because of this and the increasing demands of compact SUV, every manufacturer is producing a sub-compact compact SUV in their lineup.

Hatchback/sedan or compact SUV: What should you pick

But for the same amount of money you can also purchase a premium hatchback or a sedan such as Hyundai i20 or a Verna. Both of which have received appreciation from the automotive enthusiasts because of the riding dynamics and the performance from the engine. So, should you go for a hatchback/sedan or a compact SUV?

Handling and driving pleasure: Sedan/Hatchback

Hatchback/sedan or compact SUV: What should you pick

There is a reason every automotive enthusiast prefers sedans or hatchbacks over compact SUVs. The compact SUVs have higher ground clearance which leads to a higher center of gravity and usually the weight of the SUVs is also more than the sedans/hatchbacks. Because of the height and the relatively more weight of SUVs, they tend to have more body roll, understeer and do not inspire confidence, particularly at higher and twisty roads. Whereas the sedans/hatchbacks stick to the road and due to the lower ground clearance, they do not have that body roll and inspires immense confidence to the driver especially if the suspension is stiffly sprung.

So, if you are someone who likes to have some fun on curvy roads and consider yourself a driving enthusiast then you should go for a sedan/hatchback.

Ground clearance and bad road handling ability: Compact SUV

Hatchback/sedan or compact SUV: What should you pick

If you live in an area or you have to travel through an area where there are bad roads and big potholes then you should have a compact SUV because of its higher ground clearance. The hatchbacks and the sedans have lower ground clearance due to which they scrape the underbody on huge speed breakers and can be uncomfortable on uneven road surfaces. Usually, the tyre size of the compact SUVs is more than the hatchbacks or the sedans which also aids in tackling the bad roads.

Street presence: Compact SUV

Most of the people who wants a compact SUV is because of the street presence. The compact SUVs come with a high set driving position which gives a good view out of the window and increases the visibility. The tall stance and boxy shape of the compact SUVs help them stand out in the crowd. If you are someone who likes to grab attention on the road then the compact SUVs are for you.

Back seat comfort: Premium hatchback/Sedan

Hatchback/sedan or compact SUV: What should you pick

The hatchbacks and the sedans sit lower to the ground which makes ingress and egress easier for the passengers. Usually, the leg space and the recline angle of the sedans is better than the compact SUVs which makes long rides comfortable. Also, the hatchbacks and sedans do not toss around as the SUVs tend to do. So, if you are someone who will be seated in the back most of the time then you should opt for a sedan or a hatchback.

The compact SUVs and the hatchbacks or the sedans are made to appeal to different types of people. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. What a person should buy depends on his requirements. If he will be driving through rough roads then the compact SUV is better and if he is looking to be chauffeur-driven then he should go for a hatchback or a sedan.