‘Head-banging’ Mahindra Scorpio: This is what it looks like [Video]

Most of you would remember our recent reports on the ‘dancing’ Mahindra Scorpio and Toyota Fortuner SUVs. Today, we have come across a video that shows another Mahindra Scorpio SUV shaking a leg to a peppy number.

It may be noted here that such ‘dancing’ vehicles aren’t too uncommon in the West. You can find many such cars in the United States. In India, however, it’s only now that vehicles capable of jumping on their front wheels have started coming into the limelight. Basically, the Scorpio you see in the above video isn’t a normal one, which means you can’t perform such a stunt on every Mahindra Scorpio.

The modified Mahindra Scorpio benefits from a set of hydraulics attached to its front suspension. The hydraulics are controlled through a pump. This pump controls the hydraulics on the shock absorbers and can make a car jump on its front wheels. The system can be activated or deactivated from inside the car. It’s worth a mention here that repeated use of this system can cause a lot of wear and tear in the front axle, which is, frankly, quite a big price for a few seconds of stardom. Moreover, such stunts shouldn’t be performed on public roads as it can make other road users lose focus. Other than a set of hydraulics, this Mahindra Scorpio also features a handful of other modifications. The front-end gets an off-road spec metal bumper with tow hooks and fog lamps. There’s also a huge bullbar and a couple of auxiliary lamps. Furthermore, the modified Scorpio gets a snorkel and a roof-mounted LED light bar.

The Mahindra Scorpio has been one of the most popular Indian SUVs around. While we have come across many modified examples of the Mahindra Scorpio, the SUV you see in the above video is only the second such Scorpio we’ve seen so far.

Source – All Amazing Video Channel on Youtube