Heart-Stopping Moment: New Mahindra Thar 4X4 SUV fights to stay afloat during river crossing [Video]

The Mahindra Thar is currently one of the most popular 4×4 SUVs available for sale in India. The current generation Thar was launched in 2020, and even today, its popularity has not waned. Several videos of the Mahindra Thar can be found on the internet, with many of them showcasing its off-roading capabilities. Since its launch, the Mahindra Thar has become increasingly common in off-road adventure groups. While some videos show the Thar successfully driving over obstacles, others show it getting stuck. However, we have found a video where a Mahindra Thar is seen crossing a river while off-roading without any issues.

The video has been uploaded by All in One Entertainment on their YouTube channel. It’s a short video showing a Mahindra Thar in water. The video doesn’t explain how the SUV ended up in the river, and it doesn’t appear to be on an off-road track. It’s possible that the water level in the river rose due to rain, and the track the Thar was on went underwater.

In the video, we can see a Mahindra Bolero Camper waiting on the other side of the river, presumably in case the Thar driver needs help crossing. It looks like the video was recorded somewhere in Assam, and the SUV belongs to a local. The SUV is tilted to the driver’s side, and the water covers a portion of the spare wheel. One of the tail lamps is completely submerged, and the driver is trying to get the SUV out.

Heart-Stopping Moment: New Mahindra Thar 4X4 SUV fights to stay afloat during river crossing [Video]
Mahindra Thar crossing river

We don’t have a video of the SUV entering the river. The current in the river isn’t too rough, which is a good thing. The driver receives instructions from people on the river bank and reverses the SUV a couple of times to get the right angle to drive up the ramp. As the water level is much higher than usual, the ramp isn’t visible, and the driver tries to get the SUV out of the water. After several attempts, the driver finds a section where the front section of the SUV is out of the water. Then, he accelerates hard to get the rest of the vehicle out. After a couple of trials, the driver successfully manages to get the Thar out of the water, although water has definitely entered the cabin. Fortunately, the air intake on this SUV appears to be safe.

Should you do it?

The driver of this SUV was lucky enough to drive across the river without any issues, but should you do it? We say no. The water level in this river looks too high, and although the Mahindra Thar has a decent water wading capacity, the water level appears to be too much. Like most modern cars, the engine on this SUV could get hydrolocked if water gets into the engine through the air intake. If this happens, you’d be in trouble, as you’d need to take the SUV to a nearby service center on a flatbed. This is a time and money-consuming process. If you’re planning such expeditions, it’s recommended to prepare the vehicle by installing accessories like a snorkel, which would help in better air intake during such situations.

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