Heavily-loaded truck gets stuck at a hairpin turn: People power to the rescue [Video]

Driving a heavy vehicle on Indian roads can be a tricky business. At many places roads are quite narrow and dangerous. Specially driving a heavily loaded truck on a mountain road is dangerous specially when there are lot of hairpin turns. We have seen several videos of skilled drivers taking neat turn on such roads. Here we have one such video where a heavily loaded truck got stuck while taking a turn on a hair pin turn and people who were on the roads rescued it by pushing it back.

The video has been uploaded by Truck off Road on their YouTube channel. In this video, a heavily loaded truck is seen coming down a Ghat section. At one point, there is a sharp turn and the multi axle truck seen in the video has a large turning radius. The driver despite being skillful was unable to turn the truck. He stopped the truck at the turn and asked his co-driver to assist him in taking the turn. The other person in the truck brought a rock and placed it in front of the tyre so that the truck does not roll forward.

He then guides the driver to move the truck in reverse but, that is when the driver realised the problem. The rear wheels on which the power is being sent does not have enough traction and it was spinning. The truck was heavily loaded and the truck was stopped against a slope. The large truck was not moving reverse and within minutes, the truck started blocking traffic on the mountain road. The reason why rocks were being put in front of the truck was because these truck come with air brakes and they tend to fail gradually when the pressure of air from the compressor decreases. The rock is kept as a safety feature so that in case, the truck move forward, it would be stopped by the rock.

Heavily-loaded truck gets stuck at a hairpin turn: People power to the rescue [Video]

Small vehicles like cars and Force Traveller made their way up through the unpaved section of the turn. The driver and people with him in the truck tried several times but, the fully loaded truck was not moving in reverse. People who were stuck on the same road then came forward and decided to push the truck in reverse. Initially, it looked like plan that was not going to work but, within minutes, there were almost 20 people who were pushing the truck backwards.

Soon, it started making progress. People successfully pushed the truck back and then the driver was able to turn the fully loaded truck on the hairpin turn. Normally, a truck of this size can actually make this turn on its own but, in this case as the truck was fully loaded the engine could not generate enough power and torque to push it in reverse. Thanks to the people who helped the driver and other occupants in the truck. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Last year a video of people pulling a truck out of a gorge had gone viral. The incident happened in Kutsapo village near Phek district of Nagaland.