This helmet is COSTLIER than a Honda Activa: What’s inside? [Video]

Indians do not generally take their helmets seriously. Being the largest two-wheeler market in the world, most of the two-wheeler wear the helmet only because of the cop scare and to avoid the fines. Helmets are very important to one’s safety, especially if they are riding two-wheelers. There are many expensive helmets made by the international manufacturers that are available in India too. Here is one helmet that is more expensive than most of the commuter bikes and India’s largest selling scooter – Honda Activa.

What’s so special?

The helmet is made by Schuberth and is shipped from Germany. This is the Schuberth C4 model and costs around Rs. 70,000 in the Germany market but with the import taxes, the price shots up to Rs. 90,000 in India. Schuberth is an established brand and used by racers. Lewis Hamilton is one of the users of Schuberth helmets.

The helmet itself is known as one of the quietest helmets ever made. The helmet gets interior lining with specially made cups around the ears of the user to ensure that the extra noise filter out. Also, as per the vlogger, the helmet came with a Sena communication system, which itself costs a lot. The user uninstalled the stock Sena device to install a newer Senna 30K, which itself costs Rs. 25,000. The communication device is optional and the helmet comes pre-installed with the microphone system. Sena devices can be bought separately and installed in the helmet too.

The Schuberth C4 is a new model and comes with the DOT and ECE certifications which are one of the top helmet safety certifications. The helmet itself is made with state-of-the-art technology. It gets the proprietary Direct Fiber Processing construction for the shell, which is made up of fibreglass. It keeps the helmet lightweight yet makes it stronger. The liner used inside the helmet is anti-bacterial and soaks up any moisture. As it is a modular helmet, the chin can be flipped up to convert it into a half face helmet.

Also, the windshield of the Schuberth C4 is an anti-fog type, which makes it extremely comfortable to ride during the rainy days. There are a few air vents all around the helmet to keep the head cool at all the times. The helmet weighs only 1.81 kg, which is extremely lightweight.

This helmet is COSTLIER than a Honda Activa: What’s inside? [Video]

If you’re shocked by the price of this helmet, don’t be! There are many carbon fibre construction helmets that can cost lakhs of money. MotoGP riders use state-of-the-art helmets that can cost a huge sum of money and some of them are available in the market too! Next time you buy a helmet, don’t think about money and think of safety. It will save your head from any injuries and keep you safe to earn more money! In comparison, the Honda Activa costs only Rs. 53,000, ex-showroom, which is way below the price of the helmet. It is a thumb rule to spend at least 10% of your ride’s value on the helmet!


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