Helmet-less BJP leader abuses cops after he gets stopped: Bike SEIZED, FIR registered [Video]

While the Indian government is pushing the new MV Act in the upper house of the Parliament, there are many motorists in the country who are brazenly breaking rules. A BJP leader – Arvind Singh from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh is one such motorist of many who ignored the rules and went on a bike ride on the public roads. The result? UP Police seized the bike of the leader.

The incident took place in the Civil Line area of Moradabad at a regular check post. Reportedly, BJP leader adorned in the party colour was riding a bike without a helmet in the region. He was bringing his children back from the school when he was stopped at a regular check traffic police checkpoint. The policemen present took out the keys of the bike and asked the BJP leader about the helmet. After this, the leader, Arvind Singh started arguing with the policemen present at the spot and asked for the key. The cops then asked for details of the leader and he clearly mentioned that he is the leader of the BJP’s local circle.

Arvind Singh then started abusing the cops and started asking how could they remove the bike keys. After repeatedly asking for the keys, the cops decided to seize the bike on the spot. The BJP leader’s bike was seized and he was given an alternate transport to reach home. A lot of bystanders gathered during the commotion between the politician and the police and videos were recorded.

The leader and his kids who were on the bike were made to sit in the police vehicle and were brought to the police station. According to the reports, he was released after 2 hours. The leader can be heard on the video that the cops can issue an on-spot challan but he wants the key back. The cops have registered a case against the leader but the exact details are not known.

According to Arvind Singh, the BJP leader, he was coming back from the school with a kid. He was stopped at the checkpoint and was asked about the helmet. Arvind then replied that there is no helmet and they can issue a challan on the spot. However, the policeman took out the key from his bike and started abusing him. This is when Arvind hurled back abuses.

According to Ankit Mittal, ACP City, Moradabad, said that the leader was stopped for regular checking and he started hurling abuses after he was stopped. The cops then seized the bike and registered a complaint against him. It is not clear how many children were travelling with the leader at the time.

It should be noted that the new MV Act rules, which is expected to be implemented after the Rajya Sabha passes the bill, the challans for illegal activities on the public roads will be increased by about 5 times. According to Nitin Gadkari, Transport leader, BJP, the new fines will push the motorists to follow the rules due to extremely heavy fines.