Helmet saves biker who rear-ended car that stopped suddenly [Video]

Motorists in India pay little regard to rules and regulations and also give little importance to fellow motorists. That’s why numerous accidents happen daily on the Indian roads and that makes India a country with one of the highest numbers of road accidents in the world. Here is a video that shows how drivers pay little attention to their surroundings and feel that stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road is not a problem. Here is a video recorded in the helmet-mounted camera and it looks quite scary.

The video shows a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga almost coming to a halt on an empty stretch of the road. The biker who was on a Yamaha FZ-S could not stop in time and rammed into the rear of the Ertiga. The impact of the collision was so much that the rear wheel went up in the air causing the rider to fall down. The video also shows that the bike rider may have hit his head in the rear of the vehicle.

Soon after the accident, the driver of the Ertiga came out and his first reaction was “ride safely” to the rider. However, the rider was still in shock and did not react to him. The driver of the car kept on saying that he slowed down and did not accept that it was his fault in any way. Nonetheless, the helmet saved the person and it was strapped on too. Even though it was an open face helmet, it provided ample protection during the crash and kept the rider safe from any head injuries.

Road rage followed

Helmet saves biker who rear-ended car that stopped suddenly [Video]

The video does not show exactly what happened but towards the end, the bike rider started beating the driver of the Ertiga. The driver then accepted that it is his fault and also said sorry to the bike rider. A lot of people gathered around and supported the bike rider too.

While it is important to stay extra careful on the Indian roads and highways, for two-wheeler riders, staying alert is even more important as they are more exposed compared to the people travelling in a car. It is always a good idea to maintain an adequate distance from the vehicle ahead. Most cars can stop at a shorter distance and most bikers do no fully use the stopping power of their brakes to stop the bike in the shortest distance possible. Most bikers require a high amount of training and experience to fully use the potential of the brakes. Nonetheless, it is always advised that the motorcycle riders should stay at least 5 seconds away from the vehicle in front of them on the highways and 3 seconds away inside the city limits, where the speeds are slower.

This accident also shows the importance of wearing protective gears, especially the helmet. Without a helmet, life-threatening injuries could have happened to the rider. Always ensure that you strap the helmet properly and secure it.