This wiper system will fit all motorcycle crash helmets: It’s called Wipey [Video]

With the onset of monsoons in the Indian sub-continent, it becomes a difficult job for the bikers to look ahead clearly through the helmet screen. While many high-end helmets offer anti-fog screens that help a but no helmet provides an active solution to remove the water from the helmet screen. Wipey, a project that will be listed on Kickstarter soon can solve all your helmet related problems in the rain.

What is Wipey?

Wipey is a small electric motor operated wiper system, similar to the wipers of cars. The snap-on device is half the size of a regular action camera and can be snapped on any kind of helmet with a visor on it including full-face, modular, dual-sport and open face helmets. The system can be placed vertically or horizontally depending on the preference of the rider. Since it has been developed specifically for the motorcycle helmets, the design of the device is aerodynamic that ensures that there is no drag during high-speed rides.

Wipey can be fixed on the plastic guides of the helmet visor and a safety-spring in the device ensures that it is securely placed. As per the device maker, the Wipey does not come out even while riding at high speeds. The product has been tested at 130 km/h, which is pretty high speed to ride when it is raining. It takes one second to attach or detach the device as per the specifications and since it has an electric motor, the battery life of the device lasts for a long duration and the battery is removable and can be replaced too. The battery can last up to 3 hours if used continuously or 12 hours if used intermittently. The wiper is also Bluetooth-enabled. Just like the car wipers, the Wipey can be adjusted for speed. There are three different settings that can make the wiper work at an interval of 1, 3 or 6 seconds.

This wiper system will fit all motorcycle crash helmets: It’s called Wipey [Video]

As per Wipey, the prototype version of the Wipey has been tested but the mass production is yet to start. Soon, Wipey will be listed on Kickstarter, which is a platform for such products to get investment money. The campaign will begin in May 2019 and if the customer books it right away, they get a discount of 50% on the final price of the product.

Wipey can be used in different helmets but like the mounts of action camera, small guidelines will need to be installed on the helmets. The procedure does not require any mechanical tools. As per the product description, it gets one year of warranty and the blade of the wiper can be replaced too. The Bluetooth-enabled wiper gets an optional accessory that can be mounted on the handlebar of the bike and can be used to operate the Wipey wirelessly. The launch of the product is not mentioned but it is likely to be shipped by the end of this year.