Helmetless-foreigner on a Honda Activa escapes from police checking in Goa [Video]

Goa is a hotspot for tourists. Tourists from around the world overcome and stay for months in Goa. Here is one such foreign tourist who was riding his scooter without a helmet and escaped when the police tried to stop him.

Since it is a tourist spot, there are several options to hire motorcycles, scooters and even cars in the state. And renting is the most affordable transportation in Goa simply because the public transportation system is not as developed. Here is one such foreigner who took a Honda Activa scooter for rent.

The video shows a foreigner riding the Honda Activa and someone recording a video of the checkpost. When the person spots the foreign rider without a helmet, he alerts the cops and says “catch him”. Since the traffic slowed down due to the checkpost, the foreigner also slowed down.

When a policeman came and grabbed the scooter from behind, another traffic in charge came to block him from the front. However, the foreigner paid no heed and rode through them.

Another policeman who was at the checkpost tried to move the barricade to stop the rider. However, even he failed to stop him. The rider moved through the policemen effortlessly and did not care to stop at all. After that another group of policemen tried to stop him but everyone failed.

Rider booked

Helmetless-foreigner on a Honda Activa escapes from police checking in Goa [Video]

At the end of the video, a police officer claims that the rider was booked based on the video provided by the people present at the spot. The rider was tracked by the police officers and has been booked by the relative police station. However, there is no latest information on the rider.

Currently, almost all police teams are equipped with wireless units that enable them to stop vehicles ahead, ensuring that those who attempt to flee will be caught. Evading the police is a clear sign of wrongdoing, and the government is taking measures to simplify the process of issuing fines and challans. Police officers can now simply capture a photo of the violation and send the challan online. Refusing to stop when requested by police officers for any reason is considered a much more serious offense.

If you believe that you have been unjustly fined, you may challenge the fine in court or file a complaint with senior police officers. While this process may be lengthy, it is the legal way to handle such situations in India.