5 affordable HEPA air purifiers that’ll make your car Corona-PROOF!

The lockdown is easing, and sooner or later, the roads will get busy. And then the clear sky will vanish, and pollution would be back. Now that covid-19 has made us conscious of what we breathe in, it’s perhaps fitting that you consider an air purifier for your car, particularly if your drive time is high. To help you pick the right one, we looked up Amazon’s rankings and chose the five best ones listed below:

Honeywell Move Pure2 Car Air Purifier

Price: Rs. 12,390

5 affordable HEPA air purifiers that’ll make your car Corona-PROOF!


This is one of the most expensive ones but Honeywell is a well-known name when it comes to home products and air purifiers. The Move Pure2 air purifier is well-built, and the cord and the velcro length is long enough to be mounted on most of the dashboards of cars. There is a real-time digital air quality indicator and it uses a high-grade HEPA filter, which can filter out dust, PM 2.5, and some particulate matter. Buy it on Amazon

For added protection, there is a double layer active carbon filter that removes bacteria, cigarette smoke, viruses, toxic gases, odours, etc. Honeywell has made sure that the filter replacement on the purifier is DIY, which means you won’t have to worry about finding an expert who can change the filter for you. You can do it yourself at your home once you have purchased the replacement filter.

Honeywell uses a clever dual fan design that employees two fans instead of just one. This helps the air purifier to suck in more air, which means it can clean off your cabin’s air in only 10 minutes. It also has two fan speed modes so you can slow down the fan once the cabin’s air quality is at your desired level. Also, it comes with a filter replacement indicator. Not surprisingly, it is the top-rated air purifier on Amazon.

NuvoMed Car Air Purifier

Price: Rs. 2,615

5 affordable HEPA air purifiers that’ll make your car Corona-PROOF!

The NuvoMed air purifier comes with a HEPA filter that can filter out pollen, dust, smoke, and bad odours. The adapter goes right into the 12V car socket and can power up the air purifier. It is easy to install and operate. The air purifier cleans the cabin and can be helpful if you have allergies to dust. The fan is quiet so it does not become irritating. If you are on a budget, this might be a good option to consider. Buy it on Amazon

Vantro Smart Car Air Purifier

Price: Rs. 4,299

5 affordable HEPA air purifiers that’ll make your car Corona-PROOF!

The Vantro Air Purifier is the most modern-looking in our list. It comes with a colourful LED light, touchscreen and a digital display. There are three fan speeds to choose from and it can sit in the cup holder due to its unique bottle-like design. It comes with a HEPA filter, filter screen and an activated carbon filter also. Some unique features of the Vantro air purifier include a USB charging socket, display for temperature and humidity. It is a well-built product with a premium finish. Vantro also offers a 1-year worldwide warranty. Buy it on Amazon

Blueair Cabin HEPA Air Purifier

Price: Rs. 12,900 to Rs. 15,994

5 affordable HEPA air purifiers that’ll make your car Corona-PROOF!


The Blueair cabin HEPA air purifier comes in two sizes due to which the costs of both are different. It comes with integrated air quality sensors that automatically measures and maintains the air quality regularly. There is also a filter replacement indicator and there are two USB charging ports that can charge your devices.

What’s special about this air filter is that it is Bluetooth enabled that can be connected to Blueair Friend app that can be installed on your mobile phone. Through this application, you can control the air purifier and it can also receive over-the-air updates through it. The air purifier is controlled through a control knob and it comes with a carbon and particle filter. Buy it on Amazon

Bolani Car Air Purifier

Cost:- Rs. 4,899

5 affordable HEPA air purifiers that’ll make your car Corona-PROOF!

The Bolani car air purifier is a portable air purifier that can be used for cars, small bedrooms, and desks. It can be fitted inside the cup holders of the cars, so it is quite portable. It is equipped with HEPA air filter, primary filter, anti-bacterial filter. The triple filters ensure that the air of the cabin is properly filtered.

The Bolani air purifier also works as an ionizer that comes with a sponge aroma pad that is placed on top of the air filters. It is also really quiet, which means that it won’t intervene in your conversations or irritate you. It has a clean air delivery rate of 12 Cu m/hr (higher the better), and it comes with three fan speed settings.

These are some of the air purifiers that are available as an accessory for your car. With situations that we would have to go through in the future, we should take every precaution and take air quality seriously. Buy it on Amazon