Here is India’s first ‘Roadroller bike’

We have seen several weird videos of people doing modifications on their motorcycles. Earlier we have seen a vlogger making a ghost rider bike and he also rode a motorcycle with a tractor tyre in the front. Well, now we have a video in which a vlogger has made a Roadroller bike.

The video has been uploaded on YouTube by Crazy XYZ. In the video, the vlogger transforms a motorcycle into a roadroller by removing the front tyre and replacing it with a giant metal drum. There was a hole made into the centre at both the ends and a metal pipe was inserted through it. Washers are placed at both then ends and then a metal frame is attached to the pipe. Then the metal frame is welded.

Still, the drum can freely roll so if you ride the motorcycle, the drum can roll down the road. There are two hollow structures placed on the frame that in which the front forks of the motorcycle goes. The vlogger is using a TVS Victor for this experiment which is known to be a humble budget commuter. The front wheel, front mud guard and the disc brake of the motorcycle was removed so that the shockers could be connected to the drum.

Here is India’s first ‘Roadroller bike’

The drum was connected to the shockers through a big bolt. So, it was fairly easy to remove the drum in case his experiment do not work. At first, the motorcycle does face some issue in moving ahead. However, once it gains some momentum the motorcycle starts moving. At this point, there is no front brakes for the rider so he is relying tntirely on the rear drum brake.

The centre of gravity of the motorcycle was ruined by this modification due to which motorcycle kept falling on one side. The handling of the motorcycle was also ruined. In fact, it was so badly ruined that the steering inputs were functioning opposite. So, you would need to turn right to go turn left and turn left to go right.

The vlogger knew the risk he was taking. So, he did not ride it at high speeds. Also, he did not have any front brake which is very crucial when riding a motorcycle. Then there is the additional momentum that the weight of the drum would have created which would have made it difficult for the motorcycle to stop.

The vlogger says that he just wanted to test if the front tyre can be replaced with a drum and according to him the experiment succeeded. However, there were some complications with the brakes and the handling of the motorcycle. Then he also takes the modified motorcycle to ride on a farm and calls it off-roading. The motorcycle does perform on it but struggles because the rear tyre keeps getting stuck in the dirt.

The vlogger says that this was purely an experiment and it is very dangerous to do something like this at home. He does not recommend any such kind of modification to any vehicle.