Here is what a Toyota engine after 5 lakh km looks like just before getting rebuilt [Video]

Toyota engines are often considered extremely reliable and we have seen many Toyota engines from India that prove the same. In most cases, the cars are working fine just with the regular servicing and oil change. We can say that it is true when it comes to Innova and Fortuner however, there are some models that are not as long lasting as others. Here we have a video that shows how a Toyota engine looks like after completing close to 5 lakh km just before getting rebuilt.

The video has been uploaded by The Car Care Nut on their YouTube channel. In this video, the mechanic shows how the engine on a 2009 model Toyota Camry sedan looks like after completing 305,000 miles or close to 4,90,000 km on odometer. The car is located in the USA and is used by its first owner only. This is a manual transmission car which is quite rare to find these days.

The owner has been using the car and doing regular servicing ever since he bought it however, lately, he has been facing a major issue with the engine. The engine is consuming or burning a lot more oil than usual. When the owner noticed it, he took the car to the mechanic who is actually recording the video. The mechanic diagnosed the car and found an issue with the engine block.

Here is what a Toyota engine after 5 lakh km looks like just before getting rebuilt [Video]

The owner agreed to fix the issue and the mechanic started working on it. He removed all the connections and wires running to the engine and removed it from the car. The engine on this particular model was a 2.4 litre 2AZ-FE engine. The mechanic can be heard saying that the owner was very much in love with this car and he used to drive the car very carefully. He never puts the car in a situation where the engine is pushed to its limits. He has done several long road trips in this car. When he removed the engine, he found that the engine was not leaking from anywhere but, there were oil spills on it.

He removed the cylinder head and checked for any signs of wear and tear in the engine. He was surprised to see that the internals were not looking too bad. He mentioned that the pistons on this engine were designed in such a manner that one of the low-tension piston rings don’t move. This rubs against the wall of the engine and makes it less efficient over a period of time. This was a common issue with 2AZ-FE engines. They are reliable but not as reliable as the engine seen on Innova and Fortuner. The solution to fix this issue is to replace the block.

The mechanic replaces it with a short block which he had ordered from Toyota. Other than this, the car had no other issues. The time chain, alternators, fuel pump and all other components were working fine. He even mentioned that the car is still using the stock suspension setup and the owner has never faced an issue. The mechanic mentions that this was an expensive job but, the only reason why he suggested this was because the car was in good condition with not much rust or damage on any parts.