Here’s a Universal Gear Indicator that can be installed on any motorcycle [Video]

Gear Indicator is a feature that’s not available on most of the mainstream motorcycles that are on sale in the country. This is mostly due to the fact that offering a gear indicator would increase the cost of the motorcycle, which, in turn, lowers the chance of its success in a price-sensitive market like that of ours. However, one can install an aftermarket gear indicator on his motorcycle in case he can’t do without this feature. Here’s a video that gives information on a universal gear indicator that has been installed on a Bajaj Pulsar NS200.

The vlogger goes on to describe every important component of the gear indicator kit. He also gives complete information on the installation process. As you can see, installing an aftermarket gear indicator isn’t a very easy task. You’ll probably have to visit your local mechanic. That said, you won’t need to make any modifications to the instrument console or to any of the panels.

Importance of Gear Indicator

I know, many of you must have been riding a motorcycle sans a gear indicator for many years. However, a gear indicator can turn out to be a useful feature for new riders who often forget what gear they have been riding in. At such moments, they can give the indicator a quick glance to know exactly what gear they’ve been riding in. This will help them plan a gear change accordingly as they would know how many gears to go down before approaching a corner, etc. This is definitely much better than the usual guessing method. True, with time, you may find that you don’t need to use a gear indicator anymore. However, this is a very useful feature for an inexperienced rider who has just started riding a motorcycle. Installing this universal gear indicator shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours and you can buy it for roughly Rs 1,300.

Video courtesy – Jhumpa66 on Youtube