Here’s why all car enthusiasts will be glued to Discovery Channel on 24th Sept’18

If you are planning to meet your car enthusiast friend over drinks today, you better exercise restraint or reschedule as he is likely to ditch you. He might give you some lame excuse but the truth is that he will be glued to his TV set, like every other car enthusiast. The good news is that Discovery Channel will air the first-ever documentary on the iconic historic brand – MG (Morris Garages). Yes, it’s true. Aptly titled as The Art of Motoring: The Morris Garages Story, this 46 minute documentary is actually one of the best ways to get over Monday blues after a long hectic day.

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Yes, the documentary will not only give you a sneak peek into MG’s rich legacy starting from 1920s till today, but will also take you through the merciless World War and the other tough times when MG fought through financial adversities and came out even stronger.

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MG is regarded as an icon in the world of cars and this documentary is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to know more about this British Motoring icon, up, close and personal. We are looking forward to see the insights and trivia behind its iconic ads – “Your Mother wouldn’t like it“. And of course, one cannot avoid getting goosebumps once transported to the world of the MG Car Club where every MG car is a symbol of pride. The fact that MG is likely to launch their first SUV in India in 2019, also eggs us on to block our calendars on 24th Sept, 7pm.

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They say, “Owning an MG makes you a family” and car enthusiasts like us are ready to be bowled over by the astonishing heritage of MG shared by generations spanning across six continents. Having been earlier to MG Car Club’s HQ at Kimber House, UK in 2018, our Editor Bunny Punia reinforces the feeling further, “I believe there are very few auto brands in the world that take care of its consumers like MG does. The die-hard MG fans and their stories at MGLive! experience in 2018 brought that passion to life. I am really looking forward to the Discovery documentary to relive some of those memorable moments“.

The documentary will provide a 46-minute peek into one of the most legendary auto brands, with each minute detailing various aspects that surround MG – love for design, motorsports, innovation, car clubs, die-hard MG fans who sat behind the badge and their indestructible bond with MG.

Stuck with a client meeting at 7pm? Don’t lose heart. You can alternatively watch the documentary at 9pm (24th Sept) on Discovery Tamil or Discovery Turbo. TLC will premiere the same on 29th Sept, 8pm, while Discovery Channel will have a repeat telecast on 29th Sept, 6 pm. You can choose the day and time from these four options along with the most comfortable spot in your living room as per your liking.