Here’s why chief minister Akhilesh Yadav’s Mercedes bus costs 5 crores

The UP elections are coming soon which means that campaigning for the same is already underway. Current Chief Minister of UP, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has also begun his campaign. Known as the ‘Vikas Rath Yatra’, he will be travelling throughout his state to address people. He is going to be doing so in pure luxury though, in a Mercedes Bus that has been specially modified for this purpose and costed Rs 5.0 crores to build.

What’s so special?


Since the journey is going to be done over a long period of time, the CM needs to be transported in luxury, safety and with all the possible amenities. Since safety is a key aspect, the bus features bullet proof windows to keep the CM safe in an attack. There are multiple CCTV cameras on board also to keep an eye on the happenings in and around the bus. The cabin is divided into 2 parts, one where there is a mini office and the other part being the living area.

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The office can accommodate upto 6 people and has 4G connectivity so that the CM can stay in touch with his twitter feed and also make video calls while on the tour. There is also a LED screen which shows creative videos, photos showcasing the achievements of the Akhilesh government.


In the living area, there is a resting space attached to a plush washroom. There is also a kitchen which is fully functional and having amenities like a fridge, etc. The CM has also gotten an elevator installed, which takes him on top of the roof of the vehicle so as to address the people around.


Details on the engine modifications and the other specifications of the bus are not known. What is known though is that the bus broke down within a few kms of starting the journey and the CM had to then  resort to using his official Toyota Land Cruiser SUV to continue the journey as he couldn’t wait for the bus to get fixed. Hopefully he will soon be re-united with his bus.

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