Here’s Why Indian Roads Are So Dangerous – Chilling Accidents Caught on Camera

Snapshot – CCTVs are now becoming more commonplace in apartment complexes, outside shopping establishments and in busy junctions. Oblivious or even nonchalant about these devices monitoring their moments, many motorists continue to drive with utter disregard for other road users’ life and property, sometime for even that of their own. Here are 3 video compilations of chilling motor accidents caught on camera, which highlight why Indian roads are so dangerous. Do spare a few moments to go through our accident prevention tips that are lined up after the videos.

One of the biggest causes of accidents in India is overspeeding at junctions. The cardinal rule for approaching a junction, trafficated or otherwise, is to slow down to a speed that will give you enough time to react to impending obstacles or other over speeding vehicles. Also, stick to the speed limit.

Jumping signals is another big no-no as acceleration levels of other vehicles who have a green signal is at its peak. High acceleration gives motorists very little time to brake or evade a vehicle that has jumped a signal and is directly in their paths. This more or less leads to a nasty collision. So, don’t jump that red light.

Defensive driving is a major measure that all motorists in a country such as India need to take on an urgent basis to avoid being a part of a nasty accident that could cause damage to life or limb. CarToq has a comprehensive story on defensive driving, and why it’s so important on Indian roads.

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