Here’s why the Maruti Swift S-CNG is India’s sportiest CNG powered hatchback

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the sportiest hatchbacks money can buy in the sub-Rs. 10 lakh space, and this is a trait that the Swift has retained across multiple generations. The same trait has continued with the CNG powered Swift that was introduced earlier this year. For starters, the Maruti Suzuki Swift S-CNG is India’s most powerful CNG powered hatchback. And that is not all. It’s also the country’s most fuel efficient CNG powered car. So how does the Swift S-CNG manage to be both fast and super-frugal? Let’s do a deep dive to find out. 

A truly limitless heart

The Swift CNG is powered by the rev-happy K12C engine that runs twin injectors per cylinder (DualJet) and variable valve timing (Dual VVT) for both the intake and exhaust valve. The 1.2 liter K12C makes 76.43 Bhp of peak power and 98.5 Nm of peak torque, and these figures make the Swift CNG India’s most powerful CNG powered hatchback*. The strong power and torque put out in CNG mode makes the Swift a thrilling car to drive, and the hatchback stays true to its sporty nature. The K12C is renowned for its exceptional refinement and at idle state, the engine is so quiet that it’s hard to know if it’s even running. The Swift CNG has a truly limitless heart. 

The greenest Swift ever built

Sporty and powerful doesn’t have to come at a cost to the environment. Nothing exemplifies this more than the all-new Swift S-CNG, which stretches every gram of CNG the furthest. Yes, the Swift S-CNG is the most fuel efficient CNG powered car sold in India with an ARAI certified mileage figure of 30.9 Km/Kg# of CNG – proof of the car’s clean and green credentials. What this also means is fewer trips to the CNG refueling station, and countless hours of time saved. CNG is a clean burning fuel, and results in very little tailpipe emissions, making the Swift CNG a car that’s quite environment friendly. With growing environmental consciousness in India, the Swift CNG is a car that both young and old would appreciate, and cherish thanks to its green credentials.   

Ravishing looks that turns heads

The Swift is in its third generation in the Indian market, and every generation has taken sporty looks to a higher level. The latest Swift is by far the sportiest iteration of the hatchback, and looks fast even while standing still. The squat stance of the car and the aggressive colours makes it stand out on the roads.

The front end of the Swift CNG is characterized by Sporty Cross Mesh Grille with Bold Chrome Accents, and projector headlamps with Daytime running LEDs. The sharp looks continue to the profile of the car that gets precision cut two-tone alloy wheels. The design concludes with LED tail lamps and a sculpted boot lid. Together, these design elements make the Swift look fast even while standing still. 

Fast and frugal yet very flexible for every adventure out there

he Swift S-CNG is fast and frugal yet very flexible for you to take on every adventure out there. In the city, the car can comfortably run on CNG and when you go on a road trip that takes you to far flung places, all it takes is a simple flick of a switch to shift into petrol mode and continue the adventure. This flexibility is what every driving enthusiast craves for, and this is something that the Swift CNG delivers with aplomb. 

The factory fitted CNG kit ensure absolute peace of mind, no matter the conditions around. The S-CNG kit on the Swift CNG is factory fitted, and gets a leak-proof design and an integrated harness for total peace of mind. Moreover, the retuned suspension system and Intelligent Injection System for improved drivability ensure that the Swift CNG is a no-compromise car from every angle. 

No matter where your next adventure with the Swift CNG takes you, there’s a Maruti Suzuki service center ready to support you. That’s an assurance that you get in Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG cars, and this is what makes the car so special and fulfilling.

What are you waiting for? Contact your nearest Maruti Suzuki ARENA dealer to experience the Swift CNG first hand and #BeLimitless.  

* Claim is subject to JATO Dynamics fuel efficiency data. 

# As certified by test agency under rule 113 (G) of CMVR 1989